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How does ghost production work in the music industry?

Ghost production, a prevalent practice in the music production industry, involves a ghost music producer creating tracks for another artist without receiving public credit. These producers, skilled in areas like EDM ghost production, often remain anonymous, compensated either through a one-time payment or royalties. The artist, typically with record label ties, releases the track under their own name, giving the impression of personal production.

The process of ghost production typically involves several steps:

  • Finding a Ghost Producer: Artists, especially those in the music scene, or DJs looking to hire a ghost producer can search for them on specialized platforms or through personal connections within the music industry. If you are interested in becoming a ghost producer, find out how bedroom producers make money.
  • Agreeing on Terms: The artist and the ghost producer discuss the project's details, including the desired sound, genre, and any specific requirements, and agree on payment terms through ghost production services. This could be a flat fee or a percentage of royalties. For more information, see Is being a ghost producer worth it?.
  • Creating the Track: The ghost producer, often engaged in working with a ghost producer, takes over the task of making music, incorporating the artist's vision and preferences into the composition, arrangement, sound design, and mixing of the track.
  • Revisions and Finalization: The artist reviews the track and provides feedback. The ghost producer makes the necessary revisions until the artist is satisfied with the final product.
  • Release and Promotion: The artist releases and promotes the track under their own name, keeping the involvement of the ghost producer undisclosed.

Ghost production, particularly by EDM ghost producers, is especially widespread in the electronic dance music industry. Many DJs keep up with the demand for new material and maintain a consistent presence in the music business by hiring ghost producers. For more insights, refer to Is Ghost Producing only popular in Electronic Dance Music?.

Some popular ghost-produced songs include tracks by David Guetta, Krewella, Enrique Iglesias, and Sean Paul. Despite controversies and ethical considerations, the ghost production in the music industry is supported by many, as it enables artists to maintain a consistent output of high-quality music. For further reading on the ethics of ghost production, see Is Ghost Producing Ethical?.

If you are considering purchasing ghost-produced tracks or are curious about how to monetize such productions, please refer to How to make money off purchased ghost production and explore more about Ghost Producing.


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