Ghost Producing by House of Tracks

Are you a talented music producer interested in ghost producing attractive dance tracks? Or are you actually looking to buy amazing ghost productions? Whatever the case is, House of Tracks is the place to be. We are a digital marketplace for ghost dance music production that brings demand and supply together.

Ghost producing

House of Tracks is created specifically to give young ghost producing talent the chance to promote and sell their work through an easily accessible platform. On the other side, buyers have every day access to a wealth of new ghost produced material that they can browse through and pick from. And unlike our competition that caters solely to DJ’s and music fans, House of Tracks is open to anyone willing to buy ghost dance music, including the likes of media companies and event organizers.

Want to be a ghost producer?

We encourage every talented music producer with unique material and ghost aspirations to join the House of Tracks community. It is an easy way to market your music and your talent to a broad target audience. Of course, the ghost producing money isn’t bad either: for every track sold you get €175. But there’s potential for more revenue, if your track, for example, gets airplay on the radio or is used in a commercial.

Want to buy ghost music?

As mentioned earlier, our vast and one-of-a-kind catalogue of ghost produced dance music is open to anyone that is interested in buying. DJ’s, artists, music enthusiasts, media companies, TV producers and event organizers have all enjoyed our ghost music services. For a good reason: every purchased track becomes the property of the buyer, so you can basically use it in any way you want. As an artist you could even release the ghost track as your own; the generated income goes into your pocket.

Sounds good? Sign up now and discover the exciting world of ghost producing.