Label Fee Schedules

Label Fee Schedules 2018

Published to News on Mar 01, 2017

Check out our Label Fee Schedules 2018 


Label Fee Schedule 1 

For starters everybody can ask €299 to €499 for each track.
You decide what price you ask!

Also we increased your revenues: the more you sell, the higher your tracks will be priced.
After selling five tracks, you will go to another level and your tracks will be increased in price to €499 with a maximum of €549.

After seven days every unsold track on House of Tracks is lowered in price, e.g. from €499 to €449.
This is only done once!
So after the next seven days, the price will not go down again.
Of course you’re always free to lower your prices anytime, but you can’t augment the prices yourself. 

Label Fee Schedule 2

Uploading and presenting your music via House of Tracks is free of charge.
HoT doesn’t start earning money until you actually sell a track.

Everybody starts with a remittance of 36% but you can end up only paying 25% - a unique situation in our business.
So: the more you sell, the less you pay House of Tracks.
Even if your fee is 25% when you sell a track or you put a track on sale, in the €299 category everybody pays 36%. 


Label fee schedule 2.





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