About House Of Tracks


Who are we?


House of Tracks has been especially developed to give talented producers and music professionals an effective yet value for money platform to promote and sell their work. It has many other exciting features as well; it gives vocalists the chance to get themselves heard, it delivers a wealth of new material to talent scouts and for anyone wanting to purchase music, this is the easiest and most convenient way of doing so. House of Tracks is, together with Beatport and Traxsourse, one of the few AFEM approved download sites.


Who can buy the music?


Unlike other websites that are marketed specifically at DJs and fans of electronic music, House of Tracks is aimed at any person or company that is interested in purchasing it. This will still include artists, DJs and music enthusiasts but will also be open to purchases from media companies, TV producers and event organisers.

The broad target audience will be beneficial for everyone visiting the site; it will give producers more avenues in which to market their music and will give those who aren’t so knowledgeable about it the opportunity to explore an easily-accessible online portal containing a wealth of tunes waiting to be discovered. House of tracks will ensure the Terms & Conditions are as concise and accessible as possible for both the producer and the user, making the it easy to navigate and simple for all parties to work together.


Are you a producer?


Selling music via House of Tracks is a great opportunity for talented producers and to create excitement and generate exposure surrounding a forthcoming release and for those just starting out, it acts as a fantastic stepping-stone to start their career in the music industry. On the other hand, it is also an effective money-making tool for professional producers who are not interested in pursuing a career as a ‘stage artist’ but still want to generate income by leveraging their talent and love for music elsewhere.


What’s in it for you?


As a producer, when you sign a contract with House of Tracks, you will receive money per sold track. If that track will, for example, get airplay on the radio or is used in a commercial you will be entitled to receive a cut of the publishing. To find out how much you can earn with your track, check our Label Fee Schedule


Want to buy a track?


If you like what you hear and want to buy a track, you will receive the entire music file including the source files. So, if you work for a media company you can use the track for a TV commercial, or if you’re an event organiser you can use it to form the basis of a theme tune or anthem to make your event more impactful. As an artist, once you’ve bought a track, you can play it during a set, remix it or even release it as your own. It’s also worth remembering that every track is only sold once so that every production is unique.


How is the revenue split between House of Tracks, the owner of the track and the person purchasing it?


House of Tracks is an AFEM approved download site. House of Tracks will receive a minority share of the amount paid by the customer. 




One of the key features on House of Tracks, aside from allowing users to buy and sell music, is being able to use it as a promotion tool. If you’re a DJ – aspiring or otherwise – you can purchase a track and then release it under your own name, helping to build your kudos. If you’re a producer and successfully using the site to sell a lot of tracks, you – or the label – will be listed in the Top 10. This feature enables clients to seek out the most popular and best-selling producers and labels at a glance, which will instantly generate interest and give your music a wider reach in terms of target audience. The same can be said for the ‘Hotpicks’ feature, which will be selected per category and be clearly visible on the homepage - if you’re a best-selling producer within a certain genre, new visitors to the site will instantly be introduced to your work. On top of this, you have the opportunity to collaborate with other producers to start a label together, helping you both generate more interest in your work and ultimately, sell more music and make more money.




Although House of Tracks is an exciting independent company, it collaborates with two of the biggest players in the music industry to ensure users are offered an all-encompassing music promotion service.

Publisher: Black Rock Publishing

DJ Monitor: The second partner for House of Tracks is DJ Monitor, a company that provides music recognition services for major events, radio stations and clubs around the world for rights monitoring and music identification purposes. It will act as the gatekeeper for House of Tracks in terms of making sure that procedures are being implemented and rules are being followed correctly as well as keeping tabs on each track that is sold. They will also fingerprint each track to check if it’s unique and not previously has been used. It is a highly recognised and trusted source of music usage reporting for music users and rights owners alike to such an extent that Performance Rights Organisations (PROs) base their remuneration on their playlist reports. For more information visit www.djmonitor.com