Zero tolerance when it comes to the use of sample packs!

Published to News on Aug 30, 2018

It’s time for a huge reminder: we have zero tolerance when it comes to the use of sample packs.
This goes for all sample packs in all genres. So do not use vocal chops, unless you made the melody yourself!
It is absolutely necessary that all our producers understand another very important rule at House of Tracks.
This rule is: only use a guitar in your track, when it's YOU who's playing!

As you can read in our Terms and Conditions, we do not permit the use of any samples, construction kits or templates.
Nor do we permit the use of existing artwork/artist names.
We have a zero-tolerance policy on this matter, so don't risk getting banned for life from our platform.  

No guitar from a sample pack

Once more we stress to all our producers: it is NOT allowed to use a guitar from a sample pack in your tracks.
If you want to use a guitar, YOU yourself must be the one playing!
Without any exception!
For example: it's not permitted to use a guitarloop from a tropical house sample pack that is not created by yourself.

Our standard = quality

We will explain why we are so adamant about this.
First of all our standard = quality.
This means that we want to ensure 100% that all tracks on House of Tracks are unique.
Therefore we need to be absolutely certain that there’s no improper use of sample packs, guitar or vocals.
Our buyers have to be 100% sure that they buy tracks that are completely limited-to-one-copy, so that, for example, there are no three tracks with the same lead.

All sample packs strictly prohibited

We assume that you know how to use sample packs.
Remember though: all sample packs are strictly prohibited.
So, don't use leads/drops/melodies/vocal lead chops from eg progressive house or tropical house sample packs or future house construction kit/templates or midi from a pack.
When it comes to the use of vocal chops, for example from a bass house sample pack, make sure you wrote the melody.

Interesting blogs

In our blog The 16 most commonly made upload mistakes, you can read in detail what is and isn’t allowed on House of Tracks.
For example: “If you use a vocal we need: * Vocal version master in .wav, * Vocal version unmaster .wav, * Non-vocal version master .wav, * Non-vocal version unmaster .wav'
One of our customer questions talks about how you can prevent that your track gets disapproved.
So, make sure you compose original tracks.

Why do we prohibit the use of sample packs?

Why do we prohibit the use of sample packs?
Because the consequences can be huge.
For example: if you copy a song on your guitar and use this in your track, you can be accused of plagiarism.
If this comes out, your track will have to be removed from all platforms where it has been spread after the purchase and you will have a legal problem.
The same goes for spreading your tracks before purchase on other platforms - in that case, it won’t be unique anymore.
We expect you to deliver original and authentic input.
This way we can guarantee a constant quality among our producers and towards our buyers and continue to be the high-end platform we are.
When everybody does this, we all benefit.

What is the fraud-button?

Maybe you stumble on a track produced by someone who hasn’t stuck to our rules.
To make it easy for you to report this, we’ve incorporated a fraud-button in the green field on the right of your cart.
This button is flagged red.
If you find a track that needs to be reported, you click on that red flag.
This automatically takes you to a form with 4 options: ‘Artwork’, ‘Sample use’, ‘Sounds like an existing track’ and ‘For sale on another site’.
If you like, you can add a comment as well.
Also, we ask you to add the URL of the original content – if available.
You can read more about this here.

Banned for life!

Whoever tries to use sample packs, will be removed immediately from our platform and banned for life!
When that same person tries to get back on the House of Tracks platform, we will take legal action.


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