House of Tracks brings supply and demand together


  • Revolutionary online music marketplace for electronic dance music (EDM)
  • Largest database of tracks to be sold or bought by a global community of producers, DJ’s, the gaming industry, advertisement agencies, TV- and film producers and music lovers

How does it work?



Are you interested in buying a track? Browse through the genre you love and listen to the music. Find the track that suits you best. Did one of them touch a nerve? Don’t hesitate and buy it! How? Create an account or log in to rename and subsequently buy the desired track. Then download the original track and all its trails. Now you’re all set to use the track as you like, e.g. in a game, a TV-show, commercial, your own setlist or a movie. All tracks are limited to one copy.


Are you a producer who wants to sell tracks? This is how it works. You start by creating a new account. You do this by clicking on ‘become a label’. After you’ve done this, you can upload your tracks. After you’re approved you can start your personal profile. Keep in mind that, to gain access to upload and sell tracks on House of Tracks, you audition with three tracks to get an impression of your work. Twice a week we evaluate all new uploads. When you’re accepted, you will receive an email. After your received that email, you’re able to upload your tracks, trails and album art en you can start selling. So what are your waiting for? Become a label now!