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What are you rules for original vocals?

Original vocals are vocals that you have either recorded yourself or vocals that you have commissioned with a professional vocalist. You can either awaken the true singer within yourself and record yourself. You could also opt to ask a friend to sing a vocal for you. Do keep in mind that when a friend sings a vocal for you that they are aware the vocals are sold along with the music as a ghost production. After the vocal has been sold they can no longer claim any royalties from the recording.

If you aren't a great singer or your don't have access to a vocalist you personally know, there are still options to enhance your music with an original vocal. You could try to commission custom vocals. The custom vocals can be found on multiple platforms. You could for instance have a look at vocalists on Fiverr and commission a vocal from them. They will sing a vocal for you in exchange for a fee. There are also platforms that solely offer custom vocals like Vocal Kitchen.

The most important thing to add when using an original vocal for your music is that the vocalist is aware that their recording will be sold and that they will no longer be able to receive any royalties from the recording. When using a custom vocal platform often comes royalty-free however there are some cases where the platform will still have the right to receive royalties from the vocal. These types of vocals aren't allowed on House of Tracks.

Where to find vocals for your tracks?

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