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How much does it cost to put your music on Spotify?

The costs of uploading music directly on Spotify relate to the service you choose for getting your tracks on Spotify. Services like Distrokid, Tunecore, or Cdbaby require a yearly subscription of about $20, or you may encounter streaming services that charge per single or album, with prices ranging between $9 and $30 for released music. Then, a record label will distribute your music for you.

Ensuring that your songs are accessible on all major music stores is crucial. Most artists employ a mix of services like Apple Music, Google Play Music, and Pandora to cater to their listening preferences. Thus, it's essential to have our music uploaded not only to these platforms but also to Spotify. Spotify stands out with its ability to let users create playlists with saved artists or albums, offering a unique listening experience without prior knowledge of which track might play next, thanks to its sophisticated algorithms.

Get Your Music on Spotify in 2023: The Complete Guide for Artists

Uploading your music to Spotify has never been more accessible for independent artists and music producers. With over 180 million monthly active users, Spotify offers an immense opportunity to not only release your music but also promote your music to get it heard. But how exactly do you go about getting your songs on Spotify, the largest music streaming platform?

This comprehensive guide will walk you through how to upload your music to Spotify in 2023 as an independent artist, ensuring that your tracks reach a global audience.

What is Spotify and Why You Should Upload Your Music

For those unfamiliar, Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming service. It allows users to search for and play millions of songs on demand for free (with ads) or through a paid subscription without ads. Spotify represents the pinnacle of music on streaming platforms.

With over 50 million tracks and 380 million monthly active users, Spotify offers artists an unparalleled opportunity to add your music and grow their fanbase. In fact, Spotify is responsible for over 15% of the global recorded music revenue, making it a critical platform for release on Spotify.

Here are some key reasons why you should have your music on Spotify as an independent artist:

  • Huge potential reach - Get your music heard by Spotify's hundreds of millions of active users.
  • Music discovery - Spotify's playlists and algorithms help fans find and follow new artists, facilitating an easy way to add your music.
  • Earn royalties - Spotify pays out billions in royalties each year based on the number of streams.
  • Shareable links - Easy to share links allows fans to access your music and playlists.
  • Analytics - Use Spotify for Artists app to view real-time stats and data.
  • Career growth - Being on Spotify lends more credibility and opportunities as an artist.

In short, every serious artist should upload music to Spotify as part of their career plan. But how do you actually get your songs live on the platform? This is where Spotify for Artists becomes an indispensable tool, guiding you through the process to release on Spotify.

Can You Upload Music Directly to Spotify?

A common question from new artists is "How do I upload music to Spotify?" Unfortunately, unlike something like YouTube, there is no direct upload option to get your songs onto this leading music streaming service.

Spotify does not accept music submissions directly from artists. The only way to get your music onto Spotify is through an authorized Spotify music distributor or record label. We'll break down the details below, focusing on how Spotify for artists can leverage these partnerships.

This distribution-only approach helps Spotify uphold copyright practices and audio quality standards across their massive catalog of songs. As an artist, choosing the right distributor will make the process seamless, ensuring your music finds its place on Spotify's vast platform.

3 Steps to Get Your Music on Spotify

Getting your songs live on Spotify may seem daunting, but breaking it down there are just 3 key steps:

1. Choose a Music Distributor

The first step is selecting a music distribution service to deliver your tracks onto Spotify, making sure your music is available music to streaming platforms and digital music stores. Some top options include:

  • Tunecore - Tunecore is one of the most popular distributors used by independent artists. They offer reasonable upfront pricing for single and album distribution to major streaming services including Spotify.
  • CD Baby - For a flat yearly fee, CD Baby will get your music on Spotify and other top download and streaming sites, perfect for artists looking to stream your music widely.
  • DistroKid - Another great distributor for independent artists with competitive rates. Upload unlimited singles and albums for one yearly payment.
  • EmuBands - Affordable distribution focused solely on getting your music onto streaming services like Spotify, helping artists to navigate the Spotify for artists platform more effectively.
  • LANDR - In addition to distribution, LANDR also provides online music mastering services, ensuring your tracks are perfectly tuned for Spotify and beyond.

Many distributors offer free trials or introductory packages. Compare rates and features to select the best fit for your needs as an artist, ensuring your music reaches your audience wherever they are.

Create Your Artist Profile

Before uploading any music, you'll first need to learn how to upload by creating an official artist profile on Spotify. This is done through the Spotify for Artists platform available on Spotify's website.

The artist platform allows you to claim your artist page, preview how your profile will look to fans, access streaming analytics, and more. Just make sure your artist name matches exactly how your distributor will credit you, ensuring your music directly onto Spotify aligns with your brand.

Deliver Your Tracks

With your distributor account and artist profile set up, you're ready to start delivering tracks. Most distributors provide an online dashboard to easily spotify upload your music.

Be sure your audio files are high-quality recordings in a format like .WAV or .MP3. The distribution service will encode the tracks and submit them onto Spotify for you.

Once approved, the songs should go live on your Spotify artist page and be searchable within days! Detailed stats on streams will be visible in your Spotify for Artists dashboard.

And that's really all there is to getting your music on Spotify! The distributor handles the hard work so you can focus on making music.

Spotify Music Distribution: Common Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions around distributing music to Spotify:

How much does it cost to get your music on Spotify?

Using a distributor service, expect to pay a flat fee per single or album, ranging from $9.99 - $50. Some distributors charge an annual fee for unlimited uploads. The royalties earned from streams can quickly offset distribution costs.

Can you upload music to Spotify for free?

Some distributors like RouteNote and Amuse offer free packages to upload limited tracks to Spotify. But for full control and unlimited uploads, an inexpensive paid plan with a distributor is recommended.

How long does it take to get music on Spotify?

Once your distributor sends the tracks, Spotify typically approves songs within 1-5 business days. Keep an eye on your artist dashboard!

Can you upload covers to Spotify?

In most cases no - Spotify does not accept covers unless you obtain all necessary licensing. Distributors will reject cover uploads missing permissions.

Does Spotify pay indie artists?

Yes! As an independent artist you remain in full control of your royalties. Spotify pays out approximately 70% of its revenue from subscriptions and ad sales based on stream share.

Can you see who listens to your music on Spotify?

Through your Spotify for Artists dashboard, you can see detailed analytics on song plays, listeners, followers, and more. This allows you to track how fans interact with your music.

Grow Your Audience on Spotify

Once your tracks are live on Spotify, you can start leveraging the platform to expand your fanbase. Here are some tips:

  • Create shareable links - Drive listeners to your artist profile and playlists.

  • Get on curated playlists - Target getting songs added to popular Spotify-curated and fan playlists.

  • Promote on social media - Share Spotify links across your social media profiles.

  • Run promotions - Offer discounts for following your artist profile on Spotify.

  • Analyze performance - Use Spotify for Artists data to make informed marketing decisions.

  • Engage with fans - Respond to listeners and invite them to follow you.

Remember, simply getting music uploaded to Spotify is just the first step. Consistent promotion across Spotify and other platforms is key to building listenership.

Take Your Music Career to the Next Level

Uploading your songs to Spotify unlocks an amazing opportunity to share your music with the world. But to fully leverage the platform, artists should:

  • Release a constant flow of new music - Build a catalog of songs for fans to discover.

  • Maintain an active social media presence - Promote new releases and engage listeners.

  • Grow your fanbase - Use promos, collaborations, and media campaigns.

  • Analyze streaming data - Let Spotify analytics guide your efforts.

  • Engage with industry opportunities - Get your music in playlists, on radio, in TV, etc.

In 2023, Spotify makes it possible for any artist to start building a massive audience. By combining a strategic Spotify release plan with non-stop marketing and fan growth efforts, unsigned artists can take their music career to exciting new heights.

The key is consistency. Start uploading your songs to Spotify today, keep creating and releasing new music, and promote your tracks relentlessly across all platforms. By tapping into Spotify's uniquely massive reach, your music and artist brand will gain the exposure needed to advance your passions and career in the modern streaming era.

Everthing you need to know about Spotify as Producer!

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