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Are you in dire need of an authentic progressive track that you can release under your own name? Look no further! House of Tracks, being the worlds’ largest platform for unique progressive house productions, always has a significant amount of high quality progressive tracks for sale. You are always guaranteed of original and unique progressive house and one or more of them will certainly suit your purpose(s).


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Does your heart pick up a beat when you hear progressive tunes composed by John Digweed, 808 State, Sasha, Nick Warren and the Orb? If you take a look at the progressive producers on House of Tracks you will surely find that one progressive track that ticks you boxes. Find that one track that fulfills all of your wishes. Found a progressive house production that touches your heart? Hesitate no longer and buy it. How? Create an account or log in to rename and subsequently purchase the desired progressive house track. Next: download the original and all its trails. Then you’re all set to use the progressive track anyway you like. All tracks are limited to one copy.

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What progressive producers are popular?

From the perspective that two heads are better than one, making a progressive track successful is up to the composer (the seller) as well as you, the buyer. One needs the other and you both profit! Consider the whole process as a progressive house coproduction - even though you never spoke or met. Some of our progressive producers are ahead of the game and extremely popular, e.g. Airheart Recordings, Azamiavona Records and last but not least Top Ten Records.

What do progressive ghost productions cost?

Progressive ghost productions can have different prices. The starting price of a progressive ghost production is €299 to €499 and up. Successful progressive producers are able to augment the price after they’ve sold a certain amount of progressive tracks. Keep in mind: if you follow your favorite progressive labels, you will receive an email and be the first to know when new progressive tracks are uploaded by those progressive producers. Want to read more about that? On a regular basis House of Tracks offers tips & tricks, especially for buyers of progressive tracks. We explain for example why it’s a good thing to surf through our site every once in a while. Every progressive track remains exclusive on House of Tracks for six months. Therefore, browsing your favorite progressive genre every now and then is a great idea. Anxious to hear all new progressive on House of Tracks right now? You can find them here.


Authentic tracks

Every track on House of Tracks - so also every progressive track - is guaranteed unique. We check the authenticity of each track by using fingerprinting technology – not with one but several methods. In this area we also cooperate with DJ Monitor, the market leader and global pioneer in music identification and rights monitoring for events and clubs.

You still might have some questions about buying progressive tracks. Most of the answers you will find in our FAQ and our elaborate selection of blogs. We also offer a variety of Customer Questions that highlight different themes. You, as a buyer of progressive tracks, might find this one interesting about the importance of releasing tracks on a regular basis.


What is progressive house?

Progressive house or progressive is a dance style that flirts with trance but that is considered house music. Most of the time, when one talks about progressive house these days, they usually refer to tracks with melodic synths, impressive builds and drops. The tempo is generally around 128 bpm. Distinctive is the fact that the music has a clear ‘progression’: the tracks progress with new, audibly layers to add depth. The term ‘progressive dance’ was introduced in the late 80s by UK music journalist Simon Reynolds, when he described album orientated acts as 808 State, The Orb and The Shamen. Progressive dance can be recognized by melodious tunes and downbeat rhythms.