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What is house of tracks?

House of Tracks is a ghost producing platform, connecting the best ghost producers with tracks for sale and buyers all across the globe.  It offers a vast catalog of unique tracks, and ghost produced Electronic Dance Music at accessible prices for full proprietary ownership (that means you’ll get full rights to the music you buy).

Who is House of Tracks intended for?

Our platform is developed with a wide audience in mind who may be looking to purchase ghost produced music tracks. Perhaps you’re a DJ wanting to add exclusive ghost produced tracks to your collection. Similarly, you might work in commercial media and looking for a soundtrack to a video, commercial or game. Perhaps you work in events organization and require music with full rights. In conclusion, no matter who you are, House of Tracks is here to help you quickly find and buy the tracks you need. 


Ensuring quality Ghost producing

At House of Tracks we ensure that music on our platform is of a high standard by not just working with anyone, but only selected producers who are able to consistently create great music. We build close relationships with the ghost-producers on our platform. This is important because we want to offer the best service both by helping buyers find awesome tracks, and sellers (producers) with all the support and guidance they need to further their music and ghost production career.


Become a ghost producer at House Of Tracks

If you love making music, and want to make good money doing what you love then House of Tracks is here to help. Ghost producing at House of Tracks could help you to develop a career in music. However, if you just love making music as a hobby then some extra money could help to buy new equipment and sounds. Building a trustworthy and professional relationship with our buyers and ghost producers is our top priority.  Above all, we think being completely transparent is the way to go.


But wait, what exactly is ghost producing (Ghost producer meaning)? 

Ghost production is a part of the EDM scene. A ghost-produced track is one that, once bought, becomes fully owned by the buyer, including all rights. In addition, producers and or labels are offered an array of options for maintaining or selling the type of rights vested in musical compositions. Once a ghost-produced track has been bought, it can be sold and/or released without crediting the original creator.

Ghost producing can be a lucrative part of your career in music, or even as a hobby. Either way, ghost production offers musicians and producers the opportunity to make money out of doing what they love!


Some practical information for buyers

First time buyers should sign up and make an account, as you will need this in order to purchase any tracks (although you can still browse without an account!).  Once browsing you can explore tracks through genre, artist, as well as seeing top selling producers. You can be rest assured that every ghost produced track you will find on House of Tracks is unique, and never been sold before. It is this reason that leads us to check that music on its platform has never been made available to the public in anyway, shape, or form. There are icons which help you find ghost produced tracks with your preferred publishing rights. If the track has the option selected, once you have purchased a ghost-produced track, it becomes your property, meaning that you don’t have to worry about copyright infringement.


Some practical information for sellers (Ghost producers) 

If you are a musician, producer, or ghost producer, or interested in ghost producer jobs then come and join our platform. We have a large global audience made up of a variety of professionals and individuals active as buyers on House of Tracks to help give you the best chance of sales.  Ghost producing can be perfect as a side hustle, or even as a springboard for your career in music. We like to take care of our ghost producers, hoping to understand your needs and desires so you can get the most out of the platform.  Join the community and help us help you!

As a ghost producer on House of Tracks you can sell your track for €299-499 and will receive this minus the commission House of Tracks asks, all according to the label fee schedule. However, we charge less commission with the more music you sell, beginning at 36%, but can go as low as 25%.  Simultaneously, the more music you sell the more that you can charge for your tracks. If you do decide to start putting your prices up, you can reduce the asking price at any time. If the track is not sold after seven days we may lower the price (by a maximum of €50). This will only be done once and its to help price stability on the platform. 

You can also put your tracks on sale  if you are hoping to drive a faster sale. You can assign one track at a time to the sales page, and the minimum price on sale is €229.


Professional Ghost Production Service

We are professional, trustworthy, and have a proven track record of putting community members as a top priority.  We enjoy building transparent relationships with our community members. For instance, we also are extremely diligent in the prevention of fraud.  Furthermore, we use the most advanced music recognition technology available today to ensure that you get paid royalties where applicable. House of Track is unlike its competition in that we do everything we can to help you and your unique tracks legally.