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Are you always surfing the internet to find that one perfect nu disco track that makes your heart skip a beat? That one track that you can use in your TV-commercial, movie or to kickstart your own DJ-career? Look no further! House of Tracks offers a wide and constantly growing range of high quality Nu Disco productions. So, start browsing our platform and find your ultimate nu disco track on House of Tracks. 


Not only do we offer guaranteed exquisite nu disco compositions, we also provide in more than one special feature for our appreciated clients. When you realize that we’re the world’s 21 ghost producing platform, you can imagine that we promote and offer a wide variety of dance genres, including nu disco. Ghost producing is maturing and the world knows it. Dutch dance pioneer and legend Robin ‘Jaydee’ Albers (Plastic Dreams) totally agrees, which you can read in an elaborate interview on our site.

Check these Nu Disco ghost produced HoTpicks

Check these House ghost produced HoTpicks


Professional relationship with buyers of nu disco

At House of Tracks we strive to maintain a transparent and professional relationship with ghost producers and buyers of nu disco. This is one of the reasons why we offer a variety of tips & tricks for buyers and producers. Besides this, we try to answer as many questions you might have in our segment Customer’s Questions. One of those, for example, deals with the fact that it’s not possible to return or exchange a track after purchasing it . You are of course able to resell a track, after you bought it, since, as a buyer you are the owner of the master tape and as such you are free to further exploit the track. 


Truly fabulous nu disco productions


Can you totally appreciate the true nu disco tunes of Apparal Wax, Chaka Kenn and/or Joey Negro? Truly fabulous nu disco productions, as nu disco is meant to be, are also to be find on House of Tracks. Browse through our nu disco-section and enjoy the tracks produced by our nu disco producers. We assure you that you will find that one nu disco-track that caresses your brain and ears. If so, you are able to immediately purchase that specific nu disco track and download it with all its trails. At that point you are only a few mouse clicks away from being all set and use the new disco track exactly as you please. And remember: all tracks are limited to one copy. 


Buyers: surf through our site

 Because we truly care about our producers and our buyers we like to explain the details. One of them is, why it’s a good idea to surf through our site on a regular basis. ‘Every track remains exclusive on House of Tracks for 6 months. With this in mind you surely understand why surfing through our catalogue every once in a while is an excellent idea’.Nu disco tracks can be purchased from €299 to €499 and up. Our most successful nu disco producers are able to raise this price after they’ve sold a fixed number of tracks. To make this transparent for everyone we use a so-called Label Fee Schedule to determine this.


Successful nu disco producers on House of Tracks

As said before you can browse through the nu disco segment on our platform to find that one nu disco track that suits your purposes. Some of our most successful nu disco producers are Reunited, Almaxx and Bram. Check out their uploads and find your favorite track. If you follow your favorite nu disco label on a regular basis, you will always be the first to know when new tracks are uploaded by that label, because you will receive an email-alert. Therefore, you will be the first who’s able to purchase that one specific track. There are several specific reasons why we apply individual agreements with some publishers, management agencies, established publishers and/or labels. If you’re interested in reading more about this, your can read our blog about those exclusive offers.


Would you like to browse through our nu disco section on the House of Tracks platform? Click here.


All nu disco tracks limited to one copy

Remember that all tracks, so also all nu disco tracks on House of Tracks are limited to one copy, so they are one of a kind. We ensure this by using several methods. One of those methods is that we use fingerprinting technology. With this fingerprinting technology we check each and every track on its authenticity. On this matter of fingerprinting technology, we cooperate with DJ Monitor, the global pioneer and market leader in music identification and rights monitoring for events en clubs. 


What is nu disco?

Nu disco can be considered as the 21stcentury reincarnation of the disco genre from the ’70s and ‘80s of the 20thcentury. The genre leans on the boogie, funk and Italo-disco and new wave from those days, but with new techniques, synths and electro influences, nu disco has turned into disco 2.0.