Big room ghost productions

House of Tracks offers a wealth of big room ghost productions

Do you spend every free minute roaming the internet for that one specific and fabulous big room ghost production that you need for you short film, advertisement or that might be the one to fuel your career to become a well-renowned Big Room DJ? Lucky you! You found House of Tracks: the place-to-be for original and authentic ghost productions. Being the world’s largest digital marketplace for ghost producing, we offer a wealth of Big Room ghost productions.

  • Big room house is alive!

  • A wealth of Big Room productions

  • Favorite Big Room ghost productions

  • Authentic and original Big Room ghost productions

  • Questions about out Big Room house ghost productions?

  • What is Big Room?


Being the world's #1 ghost producing platform, you may also expect a treasury of high end big room ghost productions on our digital marketplace. Most of the ghost productions on House of Tracks are rights free. To find out for sure, you can click on ‘Track Info’ and, in a glance you can see the status of every producer. How this works is explained in the blog ‘Explanation icons concerning publishing rights'. 

Check these Big Room ghost produced HoTpicks

Big Room house is alive!

A few years ago big room house was booming. Although it’s become less popular since 2014, the genre is still very much alive. And of course we are there for all our producers, so also for our big room producers. We try to make uploading as easy as possible, and provide in blogs to help them prevent commonly made upload mistakes. In another blog we explain why we have zero tolerance for the use of sample packs. This way we can ensure that we always offer authentic tracks on House of Tracks. 


A wealth of Big Room productions

Does your heart skip a beat every time you stumble onto a big room production by David Guetta. KSHMR, Nicky Romero or BlasterJaxx? If yes, you will be pleasantly surprised by the wealth of  productions on House of Tracks. You are ensured to find that one production that blows you away. The moment you found one you are able to secure it immediately by purchasing and downloading it, including all its trails. You’re only a few clicks away from using this fabulous big room production for your own purposes. Note that all productions are limited to one copy!

Favored Big Room ghost productions

All big room ghost productions on House of Tracks can be purchased for €299 to €499 and up. After they sold a certain number of tracks, every ghost producer is allowed to raise their prices. This implies that we advise you, the buyer, so keep track of your favorite label. If you do, you are always up-to-date and the first to know when those labels you follow upload new big room ghost productions, because you will always receive an email alert when they do. We explain this more elaborate in our article Top 3 Tips for buyers of ghost productions. In our section Tips & Tricks you will find a whole list of those. 

Some of our big room labels you could follow, are Azemiavona RecordsLabsick and Ghost BR. Interested in listening to the most recent big room house uploads right now? Click here

Authentic and original Big Room ghost productions

We assure you that every big room ghost production on House of Tracks is 100% authentic and original. To ensure this, we audit every single track by the use of fingerprinting techniques. In the case of this fingerprinting technology, we cooperate with the global pioneer and market leader in music identification and rights monitoring for clubs and events, DJ Monitor.

Questions about out Big Room house ghost productions?

In case we haven’t answered all of your questions yet, we recommend that you check out our Frequently Asked Questions. Besides this we have a number of blogs that might answer your questions. Our segment Customer Questions provides in a lot of answers as well, so check them out. 

What is Big Room ?

Dance music knows many subgenres. One of them is big room, which is considered a sub-subgenre of electro house. Big room became popular since the mid-2010s and generally has a BPM of 126 to 132. When big room is described, it is regarded as a combination of electro techno and hard dance. When artists as Hardwell, Nicky Romero and Martin Garrix started using it in their musical style. Big room typically has a high-energy climactic build-up and a simplistic bass-heavy section, often referred to as the drop. Another characteristic of big room is the 4/4 hardstyle kick and it often includes drops, minimalist percussion, regular beats, layered kicks, electrical synths, synth-driven distorted breakdowns and basic melodies.