I have multiple releases from various dance music labels, including legendary Trance and House label 'Bonzai Records'. Years of experience.


Zodiacal Light is a producer from the Houston Texas area. He's been producing Trance, Progressive Trance, Progressive House, and Techno for many years. Zodiacal Light discovered electronic music in the early 80's via the Kraftwerk album "Computer World". Being primarily a guitarist, he concentrated on rock and metal, and even formed several bands. Upon discovering computers in the late 90's, music went by the wayside for a while. An interest in electronic music was rekindled after hearing live dance club DJ sets on FM radio in the early 2000's. Soon after that, he discovered Trance though live DJ sets on the internet. Computers and music merged. Zodiacal light had already been tinkering around with music production software. He became serious about electronic dance music production, and learned all about it though web pages, web forums, and producer friends acquired along the way. He's had several digital releases on various labels, including the legendary Trance and House label 'Bonzai Music'.



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