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Ghost Production at House of Tracks

Had you ever thought that you could make a career with ghost production and earn a good month’s salary with what you love to do? At House of Tracks this dream can come true! Different from other ghost producing platforms we actually care for our artists and help them build their professional career.


What is ghost production?


Ghost production is a specific part of the EDM music scene. It refers to a track that has been produced by a ghost producer (who will often not be credited), and than is sold and distributed under another artist’s name. Also the ghost production can be sold to be used in a TV commercial, a TV show or movie. 

Ghost production for all

Unlike similar websites that only focus on DJ’s, music professionals and electronic music fans, House of Tracks caters to any individual or business that is looking to buy amazing EDM tracks. While artists, DJs and music lovers are still a major customer group, our approach also opens opportunities for media companies, TV producers and event organizers to buy accessible and reasonably priced dance tunes. We make ghost production easy, for all!

Random Progressive house tracks

Being the largest online database for ghost productions, we go beyond ‘just’ being a platform. Our team places a high value on personal contact with our buyers and sellers and helping upcoming talents on their way.


House of Tracks invites you to sign up and take a look at our music database. Each and every song is guaranteed unique and has never been sold before. If you decide to purchase a ghost production, the song in most cases becomes your property. Special icons will show you when a track is royalty free or nor. You can then, for example, use it in a commercial or as a theme tune for an event. As an artist you can use the ghost production in performances or you can even release it as your own.


Are you a talented music producer interested in selling ghost productions? Join us then at House of Tracks! Our services reach a broad group of buyers, giving you the chance to market your ghost productions to a diverse target audience. House of Tracks is ideal as a stepping-stone for newbies who want to make it big, while it is also an effective money machine for professional producers who want to generate some income on the side.

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