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Published to News on Mar 02, 2018

We have noticed there are some customers that aren't sure what publishing rights they receive upon purchasing a track.

We have set up an "icon" system that will show you in one glance what rights you will receive. In this article, we'll give you a more in-depth picture of what these rights mean.


Option 1

So, you have found that one great track at House of Tracks and are anxious to purchase it.
Before you do, maybe you should consider your specific wishes.
Would you like to purchase a track with royalties, all revenues and publishing rights?
Do you want to release the track under your own name?
Is it your intention to be the owner of all credits of the track?
In that case you should choose a track with a full icon.

A full icon means:

  • This producer sells his or her publishing rights
  • This producer sells his or her tracks 100% royalty free
  • You, the buyer, are able to release the track under your own name
  • All revenues from the track (e.g. Beatport, iTunes) are for you, the buyer 
  • All credits of the track are yours, not the producer’s 
  • You can release the track with your own PRO (Public Rights Organization) so you also receive all the royalties 

Option 2

Another option is that you don’t mind to share the rights of a track with the seller and you consider the track to be a coproduction, which means you are willing to include the credits of the producer.
In that case you can also browse through tracks that are indicated with half an icon. 

Half an icon means:

  • This producer is a member of a PRO and/or does not sell his or her publishing rights – the buyer and the seller share these rights
  • You have to consider the track to be a coproduction
  • You share the credits of the track with the producer
  • The producers will always receive royalties of the track via their PRO
  • The revenues of the track are for you, the buyer 
  • You, the buyer, are able to release the track under your own name

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