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Are you always in search of the best EDM ghost productions? You’ve come to the right place, because House of Tracks is the worlds #1 platform for exclusive EDM productions. We have the best authentic EDM ghost productions in the genres techno, tech house, progressive house, electro house, dubstep, trap, future bass, future house and deep house in store for you. Also: at House of Tracks the standard is quality, so you’re unquestionably assured of the best EDM music this planet has to offer. Besides this, we provide in great special features for our most loyal clients.

We go the extra mile at House of Tracks – for everyone who visits our platform. We aim to help producers professionally on their way and we provide tips and tricks for both composers and buyers of EDM productions, e.g. the importance of branding these days. One of our blogs accentuates the relevance of being visible on social media and to get yourself seen and heard – possibly with that original EDM track that your found on House of Tracks. Also, to become omnipresent, more and more often artists and brands start cooperating and work with online profiles. Want to read more about this? Check out our blog about the matching of brands and artists

Why should you release your EDM regularly?

At House of Tracks we aim to maintain excellent relationships with our buyers of EDM music. Therefore we offer lots of articles to help you on your way. One of our tips for you as a buyer of EDM music is to release new EDM tracks on a regular basis. We advice releasing a new track at least once a month. Keep in mind that we offer a broad variety in genres: techno, tech house, progressive house, electro house, dubstep, trap, future bass, future house and deep house.

What brand new EDM ghost productions can you find?

In general EDM as a term is associated with the music made by Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Hardwell and Afrojack. But EDM is so much more that that! Do the deep house sounds of Oxia and/or Guy J appeal to you? On our platform you will find fabulous brand new EDM ghost productions, e.g. deep house tracks by our own producers. You might check out JaySoun Quelle Music and Eden Recordings. Or maybe you’re more into tech house and your heroes artists are Jay Lumen, Hot Since 82 and Technasia, In that case we recommend that you definitely check out some of our top tech house producers, e.g. Bell KurveDall Music and Xandle.Studio 78

What other EDM ghost productions can I find?

You might also be in search of great techno tracks as made by Adam Beyer, Enrico Sangiuliano or Joseph Capriati. In our techno section you will find some great techno producers to follow. Want to check out all new techno on House of Tracks right now? Click here. Of course it’s also possible that you prefer progressive tunes along the line of John Digweed, 808 State, Sasha, Nick Warren and The Orb. In that case we have some interesting progressive producers of our own for you to follow, e.g. Airheart RecordingsAzamiavona Records and Top Ten Records. Maybe you’re more into dubstep as a genre? On House of Tracks you will find several dubstep producers who have been successful from the very beginning, for example Daï FerreraBauke Top and Ghosters. Looking for the best trapproductions worldwide? We suggest you check out Vulkan Records, Yale Music and Zen EX.


Why should I follow EDM labels?

The starting price of any EDM ghost production is € 299 to € 499. Our most successful EDM ghost producers are allowed to augment the price after they’ve sold some tracks. Very important to keep in mind: follow you favorite EDM label. This way you will always receive an email-alert, so you will always be the first to know about new uploads of EDM ghost productions and are immediately able to buy your favorite EDM track. 

Do you check if tracks are unique and original 

Yes we do. Every single EDM ghost productions on House of Tracks is absolutely unique. We double check the authenticity of every track by using several methods. We also work closely with DJ Monitor, the market leader and global pioneer in music identification and rights monitoring for events and clubs. 

Still have some questions? Most of them are answered in our FAQ and our constantly expanding selection of blogs.


What is EDM?

Dance music is also known as electronic dance music (EDM), which is a collective name for all kinds of electronic dance music. The most important characteristic is the fact that the music is mostly made with electronic instruments. Although EDM exists of many styles, in general the abbreviation is applied to electro house and big room house. EDM has a lot to tank to traditional house and hardstyle. EDM has a high level of energy. The tracks focus on the drop – in fact the refrain – in which the heavy beat is introduced. In a short while EDM got a lot of subgenres, e.g. Melbourne bounce, future house and tropical house, that will most likely be the inspiration for other future styles.