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Does your heart skip a beat every time when you hear a cool future bass track? And are you always on the look for a fabulous future bass track that blows you away? Well, you’ve come to the right place because House of Tracks is the #1 platform for exclusive future bass productions. And always good to know: at House of Tracks our standard = quality. This means that you are always ensured of original and high-end tracks. In addition to this we also offer special features to our loyal clients.


House of Tracks aims to please everyone who uses the platform. During the past few years the dance scene has matured and ghost producing has become quite accepted. Some of our own future bass producers are rather successful with their productions, for example REWWWIND and Harrison Amer. To help our producers and buyers on their way, we post blogs that might help all along in developing their musical career. One of those explains more about the importance of staying on top of trends


Check these Future Bass ghost produced HoTpicks

Solid guarantee

Do the dubstep-alike drops and poppie pulses of Kayliox Dr. Fresch and Mahalo hit a nerve every time you hear them? On House of Tracks you can eat your heart out with the best future bass productions you can only imagine. Including a solid guarantee that all of those tracks are 100% authentic. And when you find that one track that suits your purposes, you are able to immediately secure it by purchasing and downloading it, including all its trails. Owning that one track is only a few mouse clicks away. And always bear in mind: all tracks are limited to one copy.

Follow your favorite future bass label

Future bass tracks can be purchased for €299 to €499 and up. Our most achieving producers are permitted to augment their price after they’ve sold a certain amount of tracks. Therefore we advice you to follow your most desired future bass label. That way you will always be the first to know when your favorite producers upload new tracks, since you will automatically get an email-alert when they do.

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Authentic tracks

You can count on it that every track on House of Tracks is absolutely authentic. We use several methods to safeguard this. For example: we cooperate with DJ Monitor, the global pioneer and market leader in music identification and rights monitoring for events and clubs.


Maybe you still have some questions. You will find most answers in our FAQ and our always expanding collection of blogs. On our site you can also find a wide variety of Customer Questions that elaborate on some questions. You can real all of them here.

What is future bass?

Future bass drops like dubstep and pulses like pop. Not only Kayliox Dr. Fresch and Mahalo are flourishing in this genre, but also Chainsmokers, Marshmello and Flume turn this to account. Future bass plays with the drops of dubstep or trap, but mixes this with a bright and warm bounce – all bruteness is evaporated. The baselines are made of heavy, detuned synths. It's a broad genre that evolved out of the post-dubstep movement.