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Published to News on Sep 24, 2015

House of Tracks is always up-to-date with hip & happening, HoT audio formats.
 Therefore we offer a new possibility on our ghost producing platform: the use of Stems.
 With the use of this newest audio format, your introduction with record labels will be more professional than ever.


Stems offer a whole new range of mixing possibilities; with the use of Stems you will get more out of music! 


What are Stems?
As an open multi-track audio format, they enhance creative possibilities for DJ's, (ghost)producers and live performers.
A Stem file contains a track split into four musical elements: a drums stem, a bassline stem, a melody stem, and a vocal stem for example.
The Stem format provides the ability to freely interact with a track’s different musical elements.
Each ‘Stem’ can be controlled independently to create instant new mixes, mash-ups, instrumentals, a cappella’s, and more.
With each element available independently, you can mix live in new ways that haven't been possible until now.
Create instant track edits, mash-ups, a cappella’s, and more by bringing different Stem parts in and out of the mix.
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Broaden your way of DJ-ing and ghost producing by using Stems.
Stems can be used for Native Instruments' TRAKTOR KONTROL S8, D2, and F1.
Split up track elements (bass, drums, melody and vocals) totally independently.
With Stems you will find completely new ways to mix.
Ways that were impossible - until now.
In the video below you can watch what this DJ/producer does with Stems and how he mixes tracks across different genres in a unique Stems-only performance.

Stems are interesting for ghost producers as well!

Mixing is a creative process - and this certainly goes for ghost producing.
If you want your mixes to truly stand out, Stems can be a great help.
This new, open music format was designed for creative DJ-ing and producing.
Split up the different elements in a track (bass, drums, melody and vocals) you can experience mixing and producing in a whole new way.
The possibilities are sheer endless: instant track edits, mash-ups, a cappellas ad more.
Also you can reach an extremely high level of detail.  

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