Dubstep ghost productions

The best dubstep ghost productions you will find on House of Tracks!

In search of an original dubstep track to use in your setlist? At House of Tracks, the biggest platform for unique dubstep music, you will always succeed in finding high quality dubstep ghost productions. And that’s a guarantee.

Are you a huge fan of the music of world-renowned producers/DJ’s like Skrillex, Diplo, Snake or Nero? Want to know how they feel about ghost production? Check out our blog about this theme! On our platform House of Tracks, the number one marketplace for dubstep, you can bask to the fullest to find that one dubstep ghost production that fulfills your needs. Browse through our dubstep section and listen to all options. For sure you will stumble on a track you like. So don’t hold back and purchase that specific dubstep track! You can do this by creating an account or by logging in, renaming and after that buying that one dubstep track you desire. 

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Can I hear the newest dubstep ghost productions?

Because we always strive to have a for all parties satisfying relationship with our buyers of dubstep music, we offer tips & tricks that might specifically meet your needs. One of those tips is to follow your favorite dubstep label. Dubstep tracks can be purchased for €299 to €499 and up. The most successful dubstep ghost producers at House of Tracks are allowed to raise the price of their tracks after selling a certain amount of them. With this in mind, you can imagine that it’s a good idea for a buyer like yourself to follow your favorite dubstep label on House of Tracks. We always send out an email alert to those followers. So if your favorite dubstep producer uploads a new track, you will be the first to know and have the opportunity to buy that one dubstep track that touches you deeply.    

Who are successful dubstep producers on House of Tracks?

On House of Tracks you will find several dubstep producers who have been successful from the very beginning, for example Daï Ferrera, Bauke Top and Ghosters.

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Are all dubstep tracks original?

Always be mindful of the fact that every single dubstep track on House of Tracks is unconditionally genuine and original. We ensure this fact in several ways. One of those is by the use of fingerprinting techniques to make sure that every track is unique. To establish this, we cooperate with DJ Monitor, the global pioneer and market leader in music identification and right monitoring for clubs and events. 

Need more answers?

We understand that you still might have some questions. In our FAQ we try to answer all of them. Aside from that we explain about House of Tracks in our variety of blogs our and our expanding category of Customer Questions

What is dubstep?

Distinctive about dubstep are the bass lines and the above average tempo, that lies around 140 bpm. Often the drums are only half of that. There’s a close relationship in between dubstep and grime. Within the electronic dance music dubstep is a relatively new genre. Over the past few years it’s becoming a mainstream genre in the United Kingdom and Europe. The bass lines are inspired strongly on the ones that we know from drum & bass and are also referred to as reese bass or wobble bass. The bass sounds with dubstep are generally sharper and more present than with drum & bass. Another typical sound in dubstep is the accent on the third count, where other electronic genres in general have an accent on the first or even every count.