YOU are responsible for what’s happening on your label!

Published on Jun 19, 2018

It’s time for a reminder for all of you, our producers, about the responsibility that you have for your own label.
 So: think carefully before you let other people use your label, because it will be YOU who gets banned for life if THEY violate our Terms & Conditions.
 We’ll give you a few true examples of what might be tricky for you.


First of all: as you can read in our Terms & Conditions we do not permit the use of samples/construction kits or templates or use existing artwork/artist names.
We assume that you understand this very important rule, as we also pointed out in our blog about zero tolerance when it comes to the use of sample packs.


Be cautious

Anytime you let someone else in on your label you should cautiously ask yourself the question: why does this person not start his or her own label?
Can I really trust that this person won’t use sample packs or templates, or perhaps is even banned from the House of Tracks platform already for violating the Terms & Conditions?
Because, if they are not trustworthy, theymight be the reason for yougetting banned for life from House of Tracks, even if youstuck to our rules. 


Guard your label like a hawk

So, don’t give away your password to anyone, don’t release tracks made by others and guard your label like a hawk.
We are happy to have esteemed producers like yourself on our platform and we would be sorry if we would have to delete your label.
YOU are solely responsible for what’s happening on your label, so know what’s going on. 


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