Top 4 Tips for buyers of ghost productions

Top 4 Tips for buyers of ghost productions

Published to Tips and Tricks on Aug 07, 2018

Are you a DJ looking for that one track that can boost your career?
Or maybe you’re a filmmaker who needs music for a club scene?
At House of Tracks we care for you, our clients.
So, to help not only producers but also the buyers of our productions on their way, we provide tips especially for you.
Tip #1 is to check our site every single day on new tracks.
But also we explain the importance of surfing through our site, releasing on a regular basis and following a label.
Read our Top 4!


Tip #1: Check our site every single day

Every day of the year new tracks are uploaded on House of Tracks, so you can always discover new music on our platform.
Of course, the best tracks are sold the fastest.
Therefore, we recommend that your check our site every day to find that one, unique track that might boost your career.
Also, we keep expanding the genres you’re able to buy, so it’s definitely a good idea to stay up-to-date daily.
“We noticed that there is more and more demand for new genres, so we see this as a good opportunity to add pop, future bass, tropical house, trap, trance and hardstyle to our database.” 


Tip #2: Surf through our site

Every track remains exclusive on House of Tracks for six months.
With this in mind, you surely understand that surfing through our catalogue every once in a while, is an excellent idea.
You start with finding your favorite genre.
In general, you will only listen to the tracks of that genre on the front page of our site.
But there are many more tracks to be discovered!
“So, don’t hesitate any longer and surf through our complete catalogue to find more tracks that appeal to you.”


Tip #3: Release on a regular basis

For a buyer of tracks, it’s of great importance to release those tracks on a regular basis.
“We suggest offering your favorite labels a new release at least once a month.
If possible: build a personal release schedule to stay on top of it.”

This way you stay in the picture, you build a name and label owners will know the quality you stand for.


Tip #4: Follow a label

“It’s a very smart move to follow your favorite labels.”
Whenever those labels upload a new track that we, at House of Tracks, approved, you will automatically be informed by mail, so you’re always the first to know.
So, find your favorite label, follow it, and always stay up-to-date!


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