Avicii, a sad story. He really only wanted to produce.

Published on Apr 24, 2018

Avicii is no more. Last week the whole world was confronted with the sad and shocking news that the Swedish DJ/producer, whose real name was Tim Bergling, passed away at the age of 28. The past few years he not only suffered from severe health problems, but he also really wanted to go back to his roots of ‘just’ being a (ghost) producer, working from his studio, instead of constantly being in the eye of the public, on stage. What can (ghost) producers learn from Avicii’s tragic passing at this very young age?


Being a talented producer like Avicii does not per definition mean that you also want to perform with that music on stage. On the contrary: many (ghost) producers prefer the comfort and safety of their studio and have no desire whatsoever to get up in front of a large crowd to play.

Let producers be producers

As we already indicated in one of our blogs that here are many producers, in fact, who don’t have any desire to get on a stage in front of a crowd, but who love to create tracks and want nothing more than make a living out of just that. It appears that deep down Avicii was one of these producers, but his success and popularity drove him on stage.

Sell your music and get played

We, at House of Tracks, would like to stress the fact that we do not hang on this popular notion. There is an endless range of opportunities to be successful as a (ghost) producer without ever having to leave the security of your own studio. Therefore, we provide the possibility to make money with your music, by selling your high-end tracks and very likely getting those great productions played by DJs who actually love to be on stage, in front of a huge audience, but who really aren’t eager or talented enough to produce their own tracks.

This way there’s room for everybody and we can all do what we’re best at: either DJing or producing. Staying in his studio and make music for others, might possibly have saved Avicii’s life, since he really wanted to produce.



Image Source: Avicii: True Stories

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