Inspiring International Music Summit (IMS) for House of Tracks

Published on Jun 05, 2018

House of Tracks, being the world’s #1 (ghost)producing platform, naturally was present at the International Music Summit that recently took place on party island Ibiza. 
From the 23d till the 25thof May 2018 Ibiza was flooded by dance professionals who attended conferences, parties and network events. 
This year’s conference was presented by Pete Tong. 
“It was an inspiring week for the HoT-team.”


IMS was created in a time when electronic music was in need of a productive community setting for its leaders.
Ibiza was the place where the industry had always come together every summer, so logically, it was the starting point for a professional conference.
Described by media as ‘the TED of music conferences’, IMS is now an award-winning conference as voted by The DJ Awards with multiple panels claiming awards as the Top Electronic Music Debates of All Time by Beatport.

VIP-opening party by Pioneer

This year IMS once again proved its value for the music industry and therefore also for House of Tracks.
The HoT team was pleasantly surprised and got inspired by meetings and network events.
The kick off for our team was a VIP-invite by Pioneer for the IMS closing party, where the champagne flooded abundantly and the great atmosphere set the tone for the rest of the summit.
“We met up with numerous interesting colleagues from the dance industry and got inspired by lots of new ideas”, HoT-CEO Onnik Tavitian explains.
“We will reveal more of those new plans shortly on our platform.” 

Broad range of clients

House of Tracks is an international player to reckon with in the dance industry.
Therefore, IMS presented a great opportunity for our team to spread the word about (ghost)producing.
“The summit offered a perfect opportunity to explain that our clients are a broad range of people and organizations, from DJ’s and producers to advertisement and gaming companies, movie makers and so on.” 

House of Tracks is now preparing for Amsterdam Dance Event, the biggest club festival on this globe, that takes place from the 17th till the 21d of October 2018.
House of Tracks is HoT and happening and the world will know it!


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