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Do you spend every spare minute searching online for the best trap productions that the internet has to offer? Are you always hoping to find that one amazing trap track that could kick-off your DJ career? You should check out House of Tracks, the #1 platform for the best trap productions worldwide. We ensure originality and authenticity as well as a constant quality of our trap productions. Also we offer several special features for our most loyal clients.



Since we are the world’s largest ghost producing platform, you can imagine that we also have an extended data base of trap ghost productions. Luckily the hypocrisy that surrounded ghost producing for so long, is slowly fading, as you can read in one of our blogs. Let’s get it straight; a trap music composter/producer isn’t a DJ by definition. The fact that not everyone wants to be on stage and, on the other hand, not every DJ possesses producing talents and/or the drive to compose his or her own music, becomes more and more clear and the double standard is fading. And with good reason, because ghost producing is here to stay.

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The success of trap music

At House of Tracks we maintain a close relationship with our trap producers as well as the buyers of trap music. To help both parties along in their career, we provide tips & tricks for producers and buyers. One of them emphasizes the importance of surfing through our site regularly to find those desired trap tracks, so you’re always up-to-date. One of our blogs expands on the fact that the success of a trap track in the end is the result of a coproduction between trap composer and buyer. One needs the other and in the end both profit. 

Energetic trap productions

Do the typical energetic trap tunes of Baauer, TNGHT, Hucci and Flosstradamus excite you every time again from the very first measure? On our platform you will find a voluminous amount of trap productions that will make your heart skip a beat. We ensure that you will find that one trap track that touches you deeply. And when you do, you can secure this track immediately by purchasing and downloading it, including all its trails. Within a few mouse clicks you are able to play that one specific trap track and use it as seems fit to you. Important to remember: all tracks are limited to one copy.

Favorite trap label

Trap tracks can be bought for €299 or € 499 and up. Our most flourishing trap producers are allowed to raise their prices after they’ve sold a certain amount of tracks. From that perspective, we suggest that your follow your best-loved trap label. This way you will always be the first to know when those trap producers upload new trap tracks, because, when this is the case you will automatically receive an email-alert. Want to know more about our top trap producers? We suggest you check out Vulkan Records and Yale Music.

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Authoritative trap tracks

You can rely on the fact that every single trap track on House of Tracks is absolutely authoritative. We safeguard this by using several methods. For one of them, fingerprinting technology, we cooperate with DJ Monitor, the global pioneer and market leader in music identification and rights monitoring for events and clubs.



Still have any questions left? Most of them will be answered in our FAQ and our constantly expanding collection of blogs. We also provide in a broad variety of Customer Questions that elaborate on some matters, e.g. what House of Tracks can offer you as a buyer

What is trap?

Trap emerged in the early 2000’s in the south of the United States. Since those days trap-like beats were used in southern rap. Its 808 bass, hi-hats and synthesizers define the music style. During the past few years trap was everywhere to be found: with Rihanna, The Opposites and through the worldwide Internet-hype surrounding Baauer’s Harlem Shake. The influence of trap was everywhere. These days artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West and Diplo (Major Lazer) are responsible for the growing popularity of the former subgenre.