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Does your heart pick up a beat when you hear great tech house? And have you been looking for that one tech house track that you can release under your own name and label? You found the right spot, because House of Tracks is the #1 platform for exclusive tech house productions. And because at House of Tracks the standard is quality, you’re always assured of the best tech house music. On top of this, we also offer great features for our devoted clients.


At House of Tracks we go the extra mile for everyone who uses our platform. Our blogs lead the way for everyone who’s looking for an exceptional tech house track. One of these blogs stresses the importance of being visible on social media and get yourself heard – perhaps with that great tech house track you found on our platform. Also: more and more brands and artists work with online profiles so they can move onward in the march of civilization. You can read all about this in our blog about the matching of brands and artists.


Release your tech house on a regular basis

Because we aim to maintain excellent relationships with our buyers of tech house music, we offer tips & tricks that might come in handy. For you, as a buyer of tech house tracks, it’s of great importance to release those tech house tracks on a regular basis. We suggest offering your favorite tech house labels a new release at least once a month. Want to read more? Click here

Tech house section

Are your tech house heroes artists like Jay Lumen, Hot Since 82 and Technasia? We recommend browsing though our tech house section on House of Tracks and you will surely find the best tech house tracks there are. Don’t forget to also take a glance at our variety of tech house labels and try to remain seated while listening to the fantastic tech house tunes they have to offer. That moment, when you find that one tech house track that suits your purposes, you don’t have to hold back one second, because you’re able to buy it immediately and subsequently download the track with all its trails. All tracks are limited to one copy.

Top-selling tech house labels

Tech house tracks can be bought from €299 to €499 and up. Tech house producers that are selling really well, are allowed to augment their prices, after they sold a certain amount of tech house tracks. As mentioned above, we advice you as a buyer, to follow your favorite tech house label. That way you will receive email alerts and you will be the first to know when new tech house tracks are uploaded. There are specific reasons why we work with individual agreements with some publishers, management agencies, established publishers and/or labels. If you’re interested in reading more about his, please click here. We recommend that you definitely check out some of our top tech house producers, e.g. Bell Kurve, Dall Music and Xandle Studio 78.


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Always bear in mind that all tracks on House of Tracks are one-of-a-kind! One way to ensure this is by the use of fingerprinting techniques with which we check tracks on their authenticity. For this fingerprinting technology we work together with DJ Monitor, the global pioneer and market leader in music identification and rights monitoring for events en clubs.

Perhaps you still have some questions? Most likely you will find the answers to most of these in our FAQ and our comprehensive selection of blogs.

What is tech house?

Tech house is yet another subgenre of house music, where elements of techno and house are mixed. The origin of the term tech house stems from record stores who used the abbreviation for a category of electronic dance music that flirts with techno by using rough basslines and brutal beats with the grooves and harmony of progressive house. Tech house is defined by a clean and minimal style of producing, that is very often associated with Detroit and UK techno.