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Are you always browsing the Internet for that one perfect house track to kick-off your DJ career? At House of Tracks you’re at the right place, since we are the world’s largest platform for unique house compositions. We not only guarantee top-of-the-bill house productions, but also several special features for our esteemed clients.

Considering our position as the world’s #1 ghost producing platform, obviously we promote house ghost producing as well. Although there are less and less articles negatively speaking about ghost producing, in 2015 DJ/producer Deadmau5 didn’t hesitate to fuel the fire by dissing some of the world’s most renowned artists because they appeared to have worked with a ghost producer. Check out our blog about the matter. 

At House of Tracks, we aim to maintain a professional relationship with buyers of house tracks and ghost producers. That’s one of the reasons why we help our house producers to find their way around the dance industry. One of our tips for these talented house composers is to make tracks that are stronger than trends. That way we ensure a high quality in house productions.


Check these House ghost produced HoTpicks


Are you a big lover of the true house sounds of the nineties by Frankie Knuckles, Robin S and. Jesse Saunders? True great house productions, as they were always meant to be, are available on House of Tracks. Take a peek at our selection of house labels and feast your ears with their music. You will most definitely find that lovely house track that caresses your ears. If so, you can immediately purchase that house track and download the original and its trails. In just a few clicks you are all set to play and use the track exactly as you like. All tracks are limited to one copy.

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House tracks can be bought from €299 to €499 and up. House producers that are very successful are allowed to augment their prices after they have sold a certain amount of house tracks. We advice you, the buyer, to follow your favorite house label. If you do, you will receive an email-alert as soon as new tracks are uploaded on that label. That way, you’re always the first to know about those new house compositions. There are several reasons why we have individual agreements with some publishers, management agencies, established producers and/or labels. If you like to read more about this subject, please click here. Some of our top house producers to follow are Beatone RecordsHandress Music and Peetlab.

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And remember: all tracks on House of Tracks are unique! Also we use fingerprinting techniques to check tracks on their originality. We use not one but several methods to check their uniqueness. For this fingerprinting technology we cooperate with DJ Monitor, the global pioneer and market leader in music identification and rights monitoring for events and clubs.


If you still have questions, you will find the answers to most of those in our FAQ and our elaborate selection of blogs.


What is house?


House music is an up-tempo style of music, characterized by deep bass rhythms, synthesizer or piano melodies, often with soulful vocals. House is part of the Electronic Dance Music spectrum and found it’s way into clubs since the late eighties. It typically features a 4/4 beat structure, accomplished by a hi-hat. House is considered to be one of the easiest dance music genres to combine with other styles in order to come up with a new sound, e.g. electro house, tribal house, latin house. One of the big house names is Frankie Knuckles who played house music since the late eighties in a warehouse, from where the name of the genre evolved into simply house music.