House of Tracks: where you find that one hardstyle track to release under your own name

Are you constantly on the look for an authentic hardstyle track to release under your own name? Look no further! House of Tracks, being the #1 marketplace for original tracks, offers a wealth of high-quality music. Besides offering a wide range of hardstyle tracks, we also offer several special features for our distinguished clients.

Every buyer of tracks is special for us, at House of Tracks. During the past decades hardstyle, like other dance genres, has matured and the acceptance of ghost producing in general has grown. Some of our own hardstyle producers on House of Tracks are selling a large number of tracks and are extremely successful with their ghost productions. A few examples of our top-labels are Sub Urban, GM Sound and Floosh Records. To help our producers along in their career we offer blog posts that can be of use in building this career. One of them offers the 8 best tips for producers who want to be noticed.

Check these Hardstyle ghost produced HoTpicks

Eat your heart out with high-quality hardstyle productions

Do the tunes of Headhunterz, The Prophet and Showtek make you jump for joy every time you hear them? On our platform you can eat your heart out with high quality hardstyle productions you can think of. This includes the guarantee that all tracks on House of Tracks are 100% original. The moment you find that single one track that makes your blood run faster, you have the option to secure it immediately by purchasing and downloading it. The download will include all its trails. So, if you want to become the proud owner of that one fabulous track, you’re only a few clicks away. You’re also assured of the fact that the track is always limited to one copy.

Tips & Tricks for buyers of (hardstyle) ghost productions

The starting price of a track is €299 to €499. Producers who are successful are free to ask more after they’ve sold a certain amount of tracks. We use a Label Fee Schedule to determine this. It’s also good to keep in mind that, if you follow your preferred labels, you’re always the first to know when these labels upload new tracks, made by your own favorite producers. How come? Well, because you always receive an email-alert when these labels upload new hardstyle music. Would you like to read more about this? We also provide in regular tips & tricks for our producers as well as for our buyers. One of them offers the Top 3 tips for buyers of (hardstyle) ghost productions.

Successful hardstyle producers

Are you interested in checking out all hardstyle tracks on House of Tracks right now? Just click here. You can listen to of your most successful producers.

Unique hardstyle tracks

It’s important to remember that all tracks on House of Tracks are unique. To ensure this we use several methods, one of them being fingerprinting technology. On this matter we cooperate with DJ Monitor, the global pioneer and market leader in music identification and rights monitoring for events and clubs.

What is hardstyle?

Hardstyle presents itself as an electronic music style with its own character. The tempo is around 150 BPM. Together with whipping melodies, banging kicks and firing beats, hardstyle is an approachable genre for dance-lovers who prefer harder types. Hardstyle mixed influences from hard house, hard trance and hard techno. It also contains distorted and detuned sounds and vocals.