Ghost Producer

Looking for ghost producers? Or are you a ghost producer? Sign up now and become part of the House of Tracks music platform. 


Had you ever thought that you could make a career out of producing music and earn a good month’s salary with what you love to do? 

With House of Tracks this dream can come true! Different from other ghost producing platforms we actually care for our artists and help them build their professional career.

Or maybe you are interested in buying a track? Browse through the genre you love and listen to the music. Find the track that suits you best. Did one of them touch a nerve? Don’t hesitate and buy it! How? Create an account or log in to rename and subsequently buy the desired track. Then download the original track and all its trails. Now you’re all set to use the track as you like, e.g. in a game, a TV-show, commercial, your own setlist or a movie. All tracks are limited to one copy.

As a ghost producer there’s more ways than one to make money with your tracks. Of course it starts with selling a track. But that’s not where it ends.


First of all: the more you sell, the less percentage you pay us. You start out with paying us 36%, but by selling more tracks, you can diminish this amount to 25%!

Secondly: the more you sell, the higher your tracks will be priced. When you start out, you can ask €299 to €499 and up per track.

Mind this: After seven days every single track on House of Tracks is lowered in price, e.g. from €499 to €449. This is only done once! So after the next seven days, the price will not go down again. Of course you’re always free to lower your prices anytime, but you can’t augment the prices yourself.

On House of Tracks you will also find a 48-hours sales page. On this page every label is free to sell one track at a time on sale during 48 hours. The minimum price you, the ghost producer, can ask for that track is set at €229.

We maintain a professional relationship with buyers and ghost producers


Building a trustworthy and professional relationship with our buyers and ghost producers is our top priority. Our complete transparency illustrates this fact. Also we offer all parties the opportunity to easily follow their favorite labels. To ensure the best interests for our producers, we engaged in a unique collaborating with the well-renowned and independent publisher Black Rock