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Do you feel a shiver every time you discover a new future house track? And are you always searching the Internet to find that one mind-blowing track that suits your purposes?Being the #1 online platform for the best authentic future house productions, House of Tracks is the place-to-be. Our motto is: our standard = quality, so you’re always guaranteed of fabulous and original music. Aside from this, we actually care for our clients, and offer special features for the most loyal ones.

During the last years the future house scene has become more mature and the acceptance of ghost producing grows. A few of our own future house producers on House of Tracks are pretty successful with their labels, e.g. Enigma, Azamiavona Records and Menshee Records. To help our producers along in their musical careers, we offer a wide variety of blogs and tips & tricks. In one of them you can read about the success of some of our producers.

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Full proof authentic

Do sets by Oliver Heldens, Don Diablo or EDX make your heart skip a beat? In that case, we can make you very happy, because on House of Tracks you always find the best future house productions imaginable! This includes a guarantee that all of these productions are full proof authentic. And suppose you find that one track that steals your heart, you are able to download it immediately so you can secure it for your purposes. Purchasing that desired track is only a few mouse clicks away. Remember: all tracks are limited to one copy.


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Future house tracks can be bought for €299 to €499. Our best-selling producers are allowed to increase their price after they’ve sold a certain amount of tracks. Therefore we advice you to follow your favorite future house label. We automatically send you an email-alert when your favorite future house producers upload new tracks, so you will always be the first to be able to acquire these tracks.


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Authentic future house tracks

You can count on it that every future house track on our platform House of Tracks is absolutely authentic. We use several methods to guarantee this, e.g. we cooperate with DJ Monitor, the global pioneer and market leader in music identification and rights monitoring for events and clubs.


We can imagine that your still have some questions. Most of the answers to those you will find in our FAQ. You might also get enlightened by reading some of our blogs, for example about the importance about staying on top of trends. Our section of blogs is always expanding; you can read all of them here.


What is future house?

Future House is een side branche of deep house. Future house has closed in on the mainstream. DJ’s like Oliver Heldens, Tchami, Mr. Belt & Wezol and Don Diablo have discovered the genre. De differences with deep house are not that big, e.g. the BPM is generally the same, in between 120-130 BPM. Yet, there are still some essential differences. As the name implies: deep house is much deeper than future house. The basslines are lower and slower. Future house is more uptempo and often has a sunny rhythm that makes you happy.