House of Tracks: the ultimate playground for lovers of electronica 


Do you like to play around with electronica tracks? Do you strive to release an electronica track under your own name? You have come to the ultimate playground for lovers of electronica tracks! House of Tracks is the world’s largest market place for unique electronica productions. You are always assured of the highest quality electronica music. Besides that, House of Tracks offers several special features for our loyal buyers and sellers.


Electronica, a name generally used by Beatport for this genre, is often also called electronic. Are you a huge fan of all electronica tunes produced by Sasha, Solomun and Elfenberg? Surf around on our platform and check out the electronica producers. You will definitely find that one track that makes your heart skip a beat. Browse through our electronica market place and listen to the productions of our ghost producers and stumble onto that one electronica track that suits your purpose. Does one of those electronica tracks touch your soul? Don’t doubt yourself for one moment and purchase it! How? By creating an account or logging in to buy the desired electronica track. After doing this you can download the original and all its trails and you are completely set to use the electronica track as you want. Remember that all tracks are limited to one copy.

Check these Electronica ghost produced HoTpicks


Why buy at House of Tracks?


Being a successful DJ these days, is almost like running a company. To be recognized as a DJ-talent these days, for starters you need to release your tracks under your own name, produced by yourself or by ghost producers. This also goes for the electronica genre. In the past few years the electronica scene has matured and the use of ghost producers becomes more and more accepted. There are several reasons why you might purchase those electronica tracks at House of Tracks. First of all, we have a huge database filled with original and unique electronica tracks that you can use as you see fit. Another reason might be that we offer easy and secure payment via Paypal, Bitcoin, Ideal, Sofort, Bancontact, KBC/CBC and Belfius.


Successful electronica producers


The starting price of an electronica track is €299 to €499 and up. Electronica producers that are very successful are able to augment this price after selling a certain number of tracks. We use a so-called Label Fee Schedule to determine this. Some of our most renowned electronica producers are Bram Music, Ghost Music and Seasounds.


Be the first to know


One important tip we want to give you, is to follow your favorite label. Once this label uploads new tracks, you will receive an email alert, so you’re always be the first to know about their new tracks being available for purchase. 


Authentic electronica tracks

All electronica tracks on House of Tracks are guaranteed authentic and original. You can count on this, because we use several methods to control the originality of every electronica tracks in more than one way. One of these methods is fingerprinting. For this, we work closely together with DJ Monitor, the market leader and global pioneer in music identification and rights monitoring for clubs and events. 


What is electronica?


Of course, all electronic dance music is gathered under the name EDM. The more EDM matures though, the more subgenres arise. One of those is electronica (or electronic), a type of dance music that is produced using electrical instruments, such as synthesizers, electronic percussion and samples of recorded music or sounds. The genre electronica is a kind of umbrella term that encompasses other subgenres in dance: downtempo, electronic dance music, techno, house, drum & bass and trance.