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Are you one of those passionate people who is always on the look for that one perfect electro house track, that can help you boost your professional career? Or are you a TV or movie-producer who is constantly scouting for that one electro track that fits that club scene in your TV-production? Well, you’ve found best place-to-be where you can lavish yourself in a wealth of electro house. We offer the best original high-end electro house on the web, ready to be purchased. 

While browsing through House of Tracks you will immediately notice the large number of high quality electro house on our platform, where you can be assured of the fact that our standard = quality! Our goal is to be there for our producers as well as our buyers. We try to help our producers professionally by offering a wide range of blogs and Tips & Tricks. One of those provides in tips for our producers to boost their inspiration. To help not only our producers but also you, as a buyer of those productions, we also provide in tips especially for you, e.g. a Top 3 Tips for our buyers. Also you can find a wide range of blogs on our platform in which a variety of themes is highlighted. And besides our FAQ we provide in the segment Customer Questions, where you can probably find the answers to most of your questions. 

Check these Electro House ghost produced HoTpicks

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Our goal is to maintain an excellent en professional relationship with our buyers and producers of electro house. The segment Tips & Tricks, as mentioned above, contains the tip to follow your favorite electro house label. Electro house tracks can be purchased for €299 to €499 and up. Our most successful electro house producers are authorized to raise their track-price after selling a fixed amount of sold tracks. Being aware of this, you can imagine that it advisable for a buyer to keep track of your favorite electro house label on House of Tracks. If you indicate this, you will receive an email alert every time if your favorite electro house producer uploads a new track. This way you will always be the first one who is able to listen to newly uploaded electro house, so you can purchase that one electro house track that strikes a chord. 

Prosperous electro house producers on House of Tracks

On House of Tracks you fill find more than one electro house producer who has been prosperous from the start, for example The Platinum Ghost, Sonder and Casper.

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We’d like to point out once more that every single electro house track on House of Tracks is 100% original and authentic. We can ensure this, because we use several methods to track checks on their originality and uniqueness. Amongst others, we cooperate with DJ Monitor, the global pioneer and market leader in music identification and rights monitoring for clubs and events. 

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It’s quite logical that you might still have some questions. In our FAQ we aim to answer all of them. Of course, a lot is also explained in our growing number of varied blogs.

What is electro house?

Electro house is a music genre that arose in the beginning of the 21stcentury. It’s a combination of deep house, minimal techno and de classic electro from the seventies of last century. The music is characterized by warm, analogue bass lines, high pitched synthesizer leads, clipped vocal samples and punchy percussion, that is often enhanced with exaggerated digital compression. Electro house developed into some subgenres by now as well: complextro, Dutch house (or Dirty Dutch), big room, fidget house and moombahton. To name a few world-renowned electro house artists: Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki and Nervo.