Downtempo ghost productions

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These days every self-respecting DJ is expected to release his or her own music. This goes for every genre, so also for downtempo DJ’s. Are you one of these DJ’s who is always on the search for that unique downtempo track that can take your career to the next level? You have come to the perfect place! House of Tracks is the world’s largest ghost producing platform and offers the best downtempo productions available on the planet. Put your trust in us and you will be pleasantly surprised by the constantly growing number of downtempo tracks on our platform. We assure you that on House of Tracks you will find that one track that can jumpstart your career.


Everyone who visits our platform knows that we go the extra mile for our clients. At any given moment we provide professional feedback to all of our producers. Besides this, we are there for our buyers. We offer a wide variety of tips and tricks to both our buyers and our producers, for example about the fact that it’s interesting to find our what genre sells best and how your favorite downtempo genre fits into that picture. Another interesting blog helps you to boost your inspiration.

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House of Tracks: secure and safe selling and buying downtempo tracks

And then you stumble upon that one downtempo track that you would like to buy. Before purchasing the downtempo track you might wonder how secure our platform is. In our blog about selling and buying tracks via House of Tracks we explain how we work while offering security, service and support. The article also elaborates on how we take loads of work out of our producer’s hands when it comes to handling problems that might arise with buyers. Of course, we also offer tips to buyers, for example about the importance of surfing through our site


Producers: release your downtempo tracks on a regular basis

Of course, at House of Tracks we understand that becoming a downtempo producer is not always easy and often can even be pretty overwhelming, since there a so many things to take into account if you want to rise above the masses. From that perspective we advise that you, as a downtempo producer, release tracks on a regular basis. This one and other tips you can read more about in our blog with our Top 5 Tips for producers who want to be noticed. Naturally, this blog is interesting for all of our (ghost)producers and not only for the ones in the downtempo genre. 


Downtempo ghost productions

Well-known names in the downtempo genre are Groove Armada, Enigma or Kruder & Dofmeister. As expected, you can find the best not yet released downtempo ghost productions on House of tracks as well. If you like, you can check out the label Abramasi, that has a variety of downtempo ghost productions that are ready to purchase. Another label we would like to point out, is Freeman, who’s downtempo ghost productions are interesting for those on the look for high quality downtempo tracks. 

Follow your favorite downtempo labels

The starting price of any downtempo ghost production is €299 tot €499 for each track. The producer decides what price he asks! The more a producer sells, the higher their tracks will be priced. The bestselling downtempo producers on House of Tracks will be able to augment their price after they’ve sold some tracks. You can read more about this in our Label Fee Schedule. If you would like to be the first to know when new downtempo ghost productions are uploaded, it’s always a good idea to start following your favorite downtempo labels. If you do, you will always be up-to-speed when these labels upload new music, because you will receive an email-alert every time they do. 

Authentic downtempo tracks

Every and each one downtempo track on House of Tracks is guaranteed authentic. You can absolutely count on this, because we check the authenticity of each track in several ways. One of these methods is fingerprinting. For this we work closely together with DJ Monitor, the market leader and global pioneer in music identification and rights monitoring for clubs and events.

Questions about downtempo ghost productions

Possibly you might still have some questions after reading all of the above. You will find that most of them are answered in our FAQ and/or in our constantly growing selection of blogsAlso, we have a support system on House of Tracks for everyone who has an account on our platform.You can ask all of your questions regarding your account, artwork, purchased tracks, Paypal or technical issues with up- or downloading, directly in this support system.Our support system works via ticket numbers that relate to a certain topic. This way your conversations with House of Tracks will always follow their own special thread.

What is downtempo music?

Now what is exactly considered to be downtempo music? According to Wikipedia downtempo is a genre of electronic dance music that is similar to ambient music, although there’s an emphasis on beats and has a less ‘earthy’ sound than triphop, the genre that downtempo is often compared with.