The place to be for authentic deep house productions: House of Tracks!


Are you every free minute grazing the Internet to find that one fabulous deep house track that might kick-off your future as a celebrated DJ? At House of Tracks you’ve come to the right place, since our platform is the #1 when it comes to authentic deep house compositions. We always ensure the best deep house production as well as some special features, especially for our most loyal clients. 


When you realize that we are the world’s #1 ghost producing platform, you also realize that obviously we promote ghost producing in the deep house genre as well. Because we are the market leader for deep house ghost productions, Decoded Magazine published a large feature about House of Tracks. The article clearly states that ghost producing is here to stay. In the past years the dance scene has matured and the amount of deep house tracks on House of Tracks gets larger every day.

Deep house is booming

At House of Tracks we are truly there for our deep house producers. On a regular basis we provide tips & tricks for ghost producers, to help them develop their productions skills. One of those tips covers the importance of knowing what’s going on in the dance scene and how important it is to stay on top of trends. And since 2014 deep house is truly booming.

Exquisite deep house ghost productions

Do the deep sounds of Oxia, Guy J or Tube & Berger touch you time and time again? On House of Tracks you will find a broad selection of exquisite deep house productions that will caress your ears. We guarantee that you will find that one deep house track that and gives you goose bumps. And not if but when you do, you have to option to secure this track for you by purchasing it straight away and download the deep house track, including all its trails. You’re only a few mouse clicks away from being all set to play the track and use it as you please. All tracks are limited to one copy.

Favorite deep house label

Deep house tracks can be bought for €299 to €499 and up. After they sold a certain amount of tracks, the most successful deep house producers on House of Tracks may raise their prices. Therefore it ‘s a good idea for you, the buyer, to follow your favorite deep house label. This way you will always be the first to know when those deep house producers upload new deep house tracks, because in that case you will automatically receive an email-alert. Interested in reading more about that? As an extra service House of Tracks offers tips en trips – also for you as a buyer of deep house tracks. In one of those we expand, for example, on the question if vocals in tracks are always unique. Some of our top deep house producers to follow are Jay, Soun Quelle Music and Eden Recordings.


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Authentic deep house tracks

Always bear in mind that every single track on House of Tracks is absolutely authentic. On of the ways we ensure this, is by the use of fingerprinting techniques to check tracks on their uniqueness. For this fingerprinting technology, we cooperate with DJ Monitor, the global pioneer and market leader in music identification and rights monitoring for events and clubs.


Still looking for more answers? Most of your questions will be answered in our FAQ and our growing selection of blogs. We also offer a range of Customer Questions that expand on different matters. Interesting for you, as a buyer of deep house tracks, could be about the fact that some tracks cost more than others.

What is deep house?

One of the subgenres in house music is deep house. In general the tempo of deephouse is lower (120-125 bpm) than most other house styles. Often you can hear soul or jazz samples in deep house. Other favorite samples stem from gospel music. All these sounds together create a somewhat psychedelic soundscape that, combined with groovy bass lines, calmly ripples along. The simple use of a drum machine, results in a more minimalistic sound than most other house styles.