Your artwork and the psychology of color

Your artwork and the psychology of color

Published to Tips and Tricks on Nov 16, 2015

Text: Marceline Geelen

Defining and curating yourself as a (ghost) producer in this day and age is the key to move forward.
For starters: make sure your artwork is perfectly in order. 

Think about being recognizable.
There’s nothing wrong with using the same design over and over to promote every track you produce, but vary with the colors.
The picture you choose for your artwork is essential as well.
Just a picture of a mountain or a half naked woman says nothing at all.
At the very least put your artist name and track title on the cover of your production

And again: play with color!
Thinking about your color use is essential.
Therefore today we focus on the pyschology of color.

Color psychology

Marketing and advertising are well known for utilizing color psychology.
Color is consistently used in an attempt to make people hungry, associate a positive or negative tone, encourage trust, feelings of calmness or energy, and countless other ways.
Most marketing and advertising executives will likely agree that there are benefits to understanding and utilizing the psychological effects of colors.
Now let’s take a look at some of the more common traits of color psychology, by some common colors. 


* Red stands for strength.
Red attracks attention - think of traffic lights - but bear in mind that too much red has a negative effect on people and their intention to buy. 

* Blue is the color of trust.
In combination with red, blue has a trustworthy and strong effect.
Blue also represents being cool.
In general a mix of these colors works the best. 

* Pink is the color of youth.
Especially young women are attracted by pink.
Pink stands for fun. 

* Yellow stands for power.
Use yellow when you want the attention of your audience.
Yellow gives confidence. 

* Green is a versatile color.
Green radiates warmth, it’s an inviting color.
Green also stands for health, the environment, social mindedness and benevolence.
Green represents wealth as well. 

* Purple is the color of frustration, but also of royalty.
Purple stands for elegance and surrounds your project with prestige. 

* Elegance and prestige are also the keywords that apply to gold.
Beware though: gold and purple are marketing wise not a great combination.
The combination green and gold is associated with wealth. 

* Orange is energy.
It attracks attention, it’s fun and cool.
Orange provides in an optimistic feeling. 

* Brown is the color of the earth.
Brown is comforting and relaxing. 

* Black is also a very versatile color.
Black can be used in a traditional sense but it’s also a modern color.
Black is exciting and dramatic, but implicates also power.


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