Report fraud and/or abuse!

Report fraud and/or abuse!

Published to Tips and Tricks on Dec 19, 2017

Updated article from March 14th 2016


On a regular basis House of Tracks offers tips & tricks.
This week: the importance of reporting abuse and how to do this.


Suppose you’re surfing through our site and you notice that somebody uses samples/construction kits or templates or even uses existing artwork/artist names - which is not permitted according to our Terms & Conditions.
Please report this with us!
It will take you only a few seconds, because we have a special fraud-button incorporated in the site.

Original and unique input

Why do we ask this?
Well, simply because it’s not fair towards others, who stick to our rules.
You deliver original and unique input, where others possibly don’t – and none of us support this type of mode of operation.
Also: we aim to guarantee a constant quality, as well for ourselves as for you.
This way we will all benefit.

Red flag

To make it easy for you to report fraud, we incorporated the special fraud-button in the green field on the right of your cart, which is flagged red.
If you stumble on a track that needs to be reported, you click on the red flag.
This way you will automatically be led to a form with 4 options: ‘Artwork’, ‘Sample use’, ‘Sounds like an existing track’ and ‘For sale on another site’.
Also you can add an additional comment.
Besides this we would like you to add the URL to the original content.
This is optional because of course a URL is not always available.

When a track/producer is reported, we will investigate and if necessary, take the appropriate action.



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