Ghost Producer's Awards 2017

Published to News on Jan 16, 2018

Award time!


House of Tracks Awards 2017


Every year House of Tracks is proud of their producers. 

Therefore we want to reward their talented and driven input on our platform so we annually hand out awards in 4 categories: Best Label, Best Selling Label, Best Producers Team and Best Upcoming Label.

With this award the winning producers will achieve a special visual status on your profile.


This year’s awards go to: 


The Award for Best Label 2017

 The award for best Label 2016 - Beatone Records


This label had a huge sales ratio, as well as the most plays and views of 2017.

Last year Beatone beat Enigma by 1,25% in this category.

The Award for Best Selling Label 2017


This label is the absolute #1 in uploads and sales.

Runners-up: REWWWIND, Ghosters and Enigma.


The Award for Best Producers Team 2017


As a team Ghosters always delivers quality with excellent productions.
Subsequently their sales ratio goes through the roof and for the second year in a row they receive the Award For Best Producers Team 2017.

The Award for Best Upcoming Label 2017: REWWWIND and Panacea

Rewwwwind and Panacea


In a short period of time REWWWIND has proven to be the king of the upcoming genres dubstep and future bass.

Panacea scores fantastic with techno and tech house and has a 100% sales ratio.