Let DJ's be DJ's and producers be producers!

Published to News on Mar 18, 2016

Text: Marceline Geelen

For a long time there was a huge discussion around ghost producing and DJing: should DJs be able to produce tracks as well as playing them? We don't think so! DJing and producing are completely different disciplines. 

Being a professional DJ means that you have a specific talent for choosing the right records. Also you have to be able to get in touch with your crowd and create a great atmosphere at the event where you're playing. This seems simple, but there's a lot more to being a top-notch DJ. The question is: should DJs be producers as well? 


Do DJing and producing require different talents?

Yes, both disciplines require different talents. As a DJ, not only you have to select the perfect records for the moment. Next, you must also be able to mix them and - by deciding their order - be able to let those tracks shine in your set. As a DJ you function as well as a filter for others and guide us through the tens of thousands of new tracks that are released every single day. Being an excellent DJ takes real talent!


Can you be a DJ without producing your own music?

The past years the trend arose that forces DJs to produce their own music if they want to be taken seriously. These days they are also supposed to be a talented producer. So can you be a DJ without producing your own music? To end up in the spotlight, it’s certainly good for DJs to release tracks, but no-one said they should be produced by that DJ. Why not find someone who’s good at it, to create unique tracks just for you? House of Tracks offers plenty of great music ghost productions in 20 genres, which will fit every DJ's taste.


Should DJs be producers?

The same question arises the other way around. Does a music producer/composer have to be a DJ by definition? Crazy enough, many hang on to that notion. Still, there are many producers, in fact, who don’t have any desire to get on a stage in front of a crowd, but who love to create music and want nothing more than make a living out of it. Many of these ghost producers already found their way to House of Tracks, the #1 platform for (ghost)producing. House of Tracks is is a real treasury for DJs who need high quality tracks.


What happens if all DJ's make their own music?

The consequence of all DJs making their own music is that former non-producing DJs force themselves to produce tracks although many of them really have no producing talent and/or no real desire to dive into the studio. The result: lots of mediocre crap flooding the music market. Also, a whole new generation of aspiring DJs arises, who can’t play beyond their programmed set. The real DJs, who don't care or can’t produce records, are the ones who are suffering. So thank god for ghost producers.


DJing is an art, producing is an art

The point remains that DJing and producing are both different aspects of the dance industry, which require different skills. Both of them are an art. DJing is an art. Producing is an art. Being good at either one of them doesn't necessarily make you good at the other, although it is of course quite possible to do both well.

House of Tracks

So whether you’re a good producer or a good DJ, cobbler stick to your last!
When you’re talented, there’s always room for you at the top - either as a DJ or as a producer or as both! House of Tracks offers solutions for both disciplines.

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