Black Rock will take care of your publishing rights

Black Rock will take care of your publishing

Published to News on Jan 23, 2017

Publishing, Performing Rights, Mechanical Rights and Neighbouring Rights can be complicated, so our partners at Black Rock Publishing aim to keep it simple. As an electronic music producer, when you make your track you are a a ‘writer’, ‘creator’, ‘composer’ ‘contributor’ and ‘recording artist’ - this means you have the right to get rewarded for plays, performances and sales of a track even before from radio and club play of a demo before the the track is released.

In todays world of streams and downloads, it is critical that you maximize your earnings. Did you know that you are due income from companies like PPL, PRS, BUMA, SENA, SIAE for the rights you have in the ‘song’ and ‘sound recording’ as a writer and recording artist?


What is the difference between a publisher and a Performing or Neighbouring Rights Organisation?


Black Rock registers your tracks directly into PROs/NROs around the world, they track releases, radio play, physical product and gig plays to ensure PROs collect on your behalf and pay you accurately. They ensure your tracks are always up-to-date on the global systems and your payments are right. They also seek creative opportunities for your music with labels, remixers and TV/film companies. 


Police for music

A PRO/NRO does a great job holding tracks in a database and matching them to usage but they do not make sure they have your latest releases on the system and they only pay out where usage is reported to them – they don’t check whether the usage reported is right. So Black Rock Publishers are both police for your music to make sure its paid right and promotors of your talent to make sure you can make new music.


We absolutely recommend that, when you are starting to receive royalties, you join your local PRO/NRO so you get paid some income direct from that society.


Black Rock’s contracts are simple to understand and importantly, there is no tie-in period. Black Rock rewards your growth in royalties by increasing your percentage of income. Black Rock has a focused and unique approach with frequent updates, dialogue and understanding of an artist. If Black Rock handles your rights, you will reach markets beyond your dreams.



To put it even clearer, there are several options at House of Tracks. The first one is selling through us, whether you already have a publisher or not. Either way your tracks will remain part of our catalogue for three years, and if you don’t have a publisher yet, Black Rock will become yours for all your sold tracks. Another option is to sign an exclusive deal with House of Tracks/Black Rock. In that case Black Rock takes care of the publishing aspect of all your tracks - also the ones released on other labels. If for any reason you, the artist, are not satisfied with those achievements, you can cancel our services after 30 days notice. The tracks that are already on House of Tracks though, will remain there for three years, opposed to many contracts where you’re music is signed away for fifteen or twenty years. As the past has proven, an artist leaving us rarely happens, because both House of Tracks and Black Rock care for our artists and we deliver what we promise!

So, in short:

1. You sell a track via House of Tracks

2. Black Rock will take care of your rights

3. You make money




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