5 best tips for producers who want to be noticed!

5 best tips for producers who want to be noticed!

Published to Info on Dec 07, 2017


At House of Tracks we understand that becoming a producer can be pretty overwhelming.
There are so many things to consider if you want to become successful.
Had you thought about artwork?
Having a perfect biography? 
To help you along we provide you with tips to find your way around the complicated world of producing and selling music.
This week our Top 5 Tips for producers who want to be heard.


Tip #1: Get noticed by your artwork 

We’ve mentioned the psychology of color concerning your artwork  in one of our blogs.
Still, we can’t stress enough the importance of having high quality graphics.
“The first thing that buyers will notice is your visual appearance. So make sure that’s in perfect shape.”
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Tip #2: Stay on top of trends 

The times, they are changing.
Overall and certainly in the dance industry.
Techno in the early nineties was totally different than what we nowadays call techno.
Progressive, deep house - these tags are dynamic. 
“So listen to as much music as you can and stay in touch with what’s happening in de dance scene.”
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Tip #3: Make sure your biography is in perfect state 

A good biography is more than a resume.
You need a text that shows that you’re a real and likeable person with a true passion for producing. 
Of course you will mention what you have done in the past, but you also need to present your plans for the future.
“This will include your discography, but rather as a separate section of your biography – like a resume with a job application.”
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Tip #4: Build a network 

As an upcoming (ghost)producer, building a network is of great importance.
Networking has lots of benefits.
You are creating a community of people who support you, who provide emotional support and information that will help you.
You will stay on top of new developments in your field: new tools, processes, leaders, products and services.
Also, as an upcoming producer you need as much exposure as possible.
“You need to be heard and seen!”
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Tip #5: Read the manual 

Learning to produce dance music for the most part exists of how to get what's in your head into your DAW and out of the speakers.
Read the manual to every product, DAW, VST, etc. that you own!
It's the absolute quickest way to figure out how to get what's in your head into the real world.
“So read all the manuals. Twice!”
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