Ghost Producer of the Month September 2017 Adam Aesalon

Ghost Producer of the Month September 2017 Adam Aesalon (Cassette Kitchen)

Published to Ghost producer of the month on Oct 10, 2017

Every month House of Tracks puts one of their producers in the spotlight.
This month we talked to 24-year old Turkish producer Adam Aesalon (Cassette Kitchen), whose plan for the rest of his life is to make the best use of his talent. 
"I want to become someone important."

1. Why did you start producing music?

“To be honest I started producing out of curiosity.
I was always interested in what happened behind the scenes of music – how it is made.
I was a person who always asked and wondered, rather than accepting things as they are.
I guess I had it in me from the start. ”

2. Who is/are your favorite producer(s)?

“My favorite producers are definitely KSHMR and Dyro.
I love their techniques and I appreciate how much complexity and work they put into their music.”

3. What are your plans and ambitions for the near future?

“My plan for the rest of my life is to make the best use of my talent and to become someone important.”

4. Tell us why you like House of Tracks and the chance we give producers?

“House of Tracks is such a good platform to make money with your own music.
I’m grateful that there is a system present and that I’m part of it.”

5. Why do you think that ghost producing is a good thing?

“I believe ghost production isn’t something that should be perceived as bad.
Many believe that the electronic dance music industry is transparent, that what you see is what you get, but I’m afraid that’s not true.
The entire industry is based on becoming a ‘brand’.
Production is only half of the story.
For that reason, ghost production is saving those people time whose only aim and vision is to become a brand.
That’s why ghost production is a good thing for me.”

6. Tell us about the gear we can find in your studio.
What items are still on your wish list?

“Actually I don’t have any items on my wish list.
I don’t need expensive gear to make good music.
All I have is one laptop, a pair of headphones and a pair of monitors.”

7. Do you have a mentor and if yes, who?

“Yes I do, YouTube!
Just kidding.
I don’t have a mentor - I’m self-taught.
But I wish I had one.
Things could have been much easier at the beginning of this journey.”

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