Ghost Producer of the Month October 2017 Brem State

Published to Ghost producer of the month on Nov 01, 2017

Every month House of Tracks puts one of their producers in the spotlight.
This month we talked to 32-year old Dutch producer Bremstate.
House of Tracks is a great platform, because for the first time I can just produce and make money with it.


1. Why did you start producing music?

“Because it´s my passion and have been doing it since I was six years old, when my father introduced me to Bars ‘n Pipes, an old sequencer from the Commodore era.”

2. Do you have a mentor and if yes, who?
Or maybe you went to a school to learn more about producing?
Tell us all!

“I never had a real mentor.
I was a fulltime audio junkie at a young age already and learned it all just by doing and figuring things as they came along.
Luckily my dad saw some potential in me.
I did the same with playing guitar and piano.”

3. Who is/are your favorite producer(s)?

“Amon Tobin, Aphex twin - not the regular ones you hear from most often.”

4. What did you learn from them?

“Try not to do the same as everyone else.
Try to make something cool instead and make it even cooler!
If it doesn´t sell, fuck it.”

5. What genre do you produce and why?

“I produce almost every genre, but I´m still learning every day from my best pal Maki.”

6. What are your plans and ambitions for the near future?

“I am already producing my own album, but that´s my own music, which is more in the range of alternative rock.
This is a huge challenge.
I like producing EDM but I don´t like to be trapped inside a safe bubble.”

7. Tell us why you like House of Tracks and the chance we give producers?

“House of Tracks is a great platform, because for the first time I can just produce and make money with it.
I never had that before. Thank you god!”

8. Why do you think that ghost producing is a good thing?

“I don´t want to become famous by making EDM.
Yet, if you are a DJ/producer and it's your favorite genre, I can imagine that you like to keep most of the rights.”

9. Tell us about the gear we can find in your studio.
What items are still on your wish list?

“I really need a good microphone for vocals, because I want to give other singers a chance to make tracks with a different sound and edge.
Right now I sing all vocals myself and I can understand that people would rather listen to someones else from time to time.” (laughs)
“I would also like a new guitar and isolation materials.”



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