Ghost producer of the month June 2017 Dallonte

Ghost Producer of the Month June 2017 Dallonte (Dall Music)

Published to Ghost producer of the month on Jun 15, 2017

Every month House of Tracks puts one of their producers in the spotlight.
This month we talked to the 26-year old Russian Dallonte (Dall.Music) who resides in Saint Petersburg.


1. Why did you start producing music?

“Producing music was something interesting for me.
I remember, when I was a sixteen years old, that my friend show me early version of FL studio.
It was funny and I tried to make something with it, but it wasn’t good and I forgot about it.
In 2009, when I studied at university, I returned to this program and started working with it for many hours to learn how it works. Now I can produce all different genres of electronic music.” 


2. Who is/are your favorite producer(s)?

“My favorite producer was KLAAS, because his music was Insane.
I love his track ‘Make Me Feel’ very much.
Now I like stuff from Christian Beat Hirt, Don Diablo, Going Deeper, Return Of The Jaded and Sebjak.”


3. What are your plans and ambitions for the near future?

“My plans are to learn much more about producing, get a lot of practice and also to produce stuff for my projects and for some other people.
Music is changing every year and you need experience and flexibility to produce different material again and again.”


4. Tell us why you like House of Tracks and the chance we give producers?

“House of Tracks is a great platform for those people who want to develop their skills in the music business and in the production of quality productions.
Everyone wants quality stuff.” (smiles)


5. Why do you think that ghost producing is a good thing?

“Ghost producing is a cool thing for people who don’t have the time or the skills to produce music themselves.
Also it’s great for producers to earn some cash by doing what they love most.”


6. Tell us about the gear we can find in your studio.
What items are still on your wish list?

“I haven’t got my professional studio complete, but I have a laptop, a couple of monitors Mackie Mr5 mk2 and some Sennheiser HD 201 headphones, that I love very much because they produce a good and honest sound.
As audio interface I’m using Focusrite Suffire 6 and a MIDI keyboard. This is quite enough for me to produce quality music.


7. Do you have a mentor and if yes, who?
Or maybe you went to a school to learn more about producing? Tell us all!

"No, I haven’t had a mentor, but I have a ton of hours of practice.
I use the theory of tests and mistakes, haha. But I got it.”



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