Zero tolerance when it comes to sample packs!

Zero tolerance when it comes to sample packs!

Published on May 17, 2018

We believe it’s time for a huge reminder that concerns the use of sample packs.
It is absolutely necessary that all of our producers understand this very important rule at House of Tracks.
As you can read in our Terms and Conditions we do not permit the use of samples/construction kits or templates or uses existing artwork/artist names. 


If you use leads/drops/melodies/vocal lead chops from a sample pack or construction kit/templates or midi from a pack to produce your tracks, you need to realize that this is strictly prohibited.


Not fair

Why do we do this?
Simply because it’s not fair to other producers, who stick to our rules.
We expect you to deliver unique and authentic input, so we can guarantee a constant quality among our producers and towards our buyers and maintain the high-end platform we are.
When everybody does this, we all benefit.



Maybe you stumble on a track by someone else who hasn’t stuck to our rules.
Well, to make it easy for you to report this, we’ve incorporated a fraud-button in the green field on the right of your cart.
This button is flagged red.
If you find a track that needs to be reported, you click on that red flag.
This will automatically lead you to a form with 4 options: ‘Artwork’, ‘Sample use’, ‘Sounds like an existing track’ and ‘For sale on another site’.
If you like, you can add a comment as well.
Also, we ask you to add the URL of the original content – if available.


Banned for life!

Whoever tries to use sample packs, will be immediately removed from our platform and banned for life!
When that same person tries to get back on the House of Tracks platform, we will take legal action. 

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