IMS Ibiza 2019 takes Ghost Production out of the Dark

Published to Events on Jun 04, 2019

International Music Summit (IMS) is a worldwide platform dedicated to electronic music. From May 21st untill May 25th of 2019 everyone who has anything to do with EDM gathered in Ibiza for IMS Ibiza 2019.


This year marked the 12th edition of the summit. The program contained a lot of various themes, such as new technology, big data, streaming, social media, sustainability, gender, diversity and inclusion and mental health. For the first time ever also Ghost production was one of the themes. And so, House of Tracks went back to Ibiza to talk about why we do what we do.


On the second day of IMS Ibiza 2019 our CEO Onnik Tavitian was part of an expert panel on ‘Ghost Production – Out of the Dark’. Together with  Rui da Silva and Alexander Larichev they answered questions asked by moderator Mark Lawrence and the audience. Aim of this panel was to shed light on the practice of Ghost Production and to provide insights.

Onnik Tavitian: "It is such a good thing that a big institution like IMS includes the topic of ghost production into their event. Ghost production is a big part of the EDM industry, wether people like it or not. It is time to end the taboo and start seeing ghost production for what it really is: a valid and necessary part of music production in 2019.” 


As always we look back on a very inspirational summit. Thank you IMS, and see you next year!

From left to right: Alexander Larichev, Rui da Silva, Onnik Tavitian and moderator Mark Lawrence