Ghost Producer of the Month January 2017 Menshee

Ghost Producer of the Month January 2017 Menshee

Published to Ghost producer of the month on Jan 22, 2017

Every month House of Tracks puts one of their producers in the spotlight. 
This month we talked to the 32-year old Russian ghost producer Menshee.


1. Why did you start producing music?

“I started producing music in the nineties when I was listening to radio shows that aired house and trance music and I realized that I love repetetive beats and melodies.
I recorded and compiled my tapes.
Then I found a nice DAW called Fruity Loops, which was a revolution for me.
I started to produce simple beats and melodies.
I didn’t release music though until 2010.
I love house and trance music.
DJ’s like Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and Roger Shah supported my tracks and remixes.
After you receive this much support, you just want to make more and more music.”


2. Who is/are your favorite producer(s)?

“At this point I like Madison Mars, Roulsen and Don Diablo.
Their music inspires me for new productions.
To find inspiration I usually listen to more tracks in the same style.
After that I try to produce my own tracks.”


3. What are your plans and ambitions for the near future?

“My plans are to produce more music and find good labels for my tracks.
Also I want to produce my debut album.
My wife and me live in Los Angeles these days and this city is a big inspiration for new music and melodies.”  


4. Tell us why you like House of Tracks and the chance we give producers?

“I like House of Tracks because you can find a lot of different music styles on the platform.
Also House of Tracks offers producers a big opportunity to present their work and sell their music.
You can produce different styles and make something new.”  


5. Why do you think that ghost producing is a good thing?

“I think the best thing is doing what you love.”


6. Tell us about the gear we can find in your studio.
What items are still on your wish list?

“I don’t use a lot of stuff.
Of course I use my PC, a pair of monitors and DAW FL Studio.
I use Nexus, Massive and Sylenth1 for my tracks and FL stuff, FabFilter and Waves for mixing.
I think a good studio is on my wish list.”


7. Do you have a mentor and if yes, who?

I started to produce my music by myself.
Sometimes I used stuff from video lessons (new plug-ins or sound banks) but I developed my skills on my own.” 



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