10 Reasons why you should sell your music at House of Tracks

10 Reasons why you should sell your music at House of Tracks

Published to Info on Feb 01, 2018

At House of Tracks we care for our clients.
Below you will find 10 reasons why you should choose House of Tracks to sell your music. 


1. We offer special conditions for publishers, management agencies, established producers and/or labels
“By cooperating more and more with publishers, management agencies, established producers and/or labels, House of Tracks started a new chapter.
They will all be able to sell their tracks via a label that their management/publisher started on HoT.”

You can read more about this here

2. Every month we put one of our successful producers in the spotlight in our segment Ghost Producer of the Month.
One month long you could be highlighted on our platform.
You can find all the Ghost Producers of the Month here.

3. We are proud of our producers and therefore we reward your talented and driven input on our platform.
Annually we hand out awards in three categories: Best Selling Artist, Label of the Year an Producer of the Year.
"With this award you will achieve a special visual status on your profile."
You can find the winners of last year's awards here.  

4. With House of Tracks you can chose to sell your publishing rights or not.
Want to read more about this?
Click here.

5. We do several things for our producers to help you reach that successful status and make a nice buck with your talent.
For example, we publish our HoT Top 10.
This Top 10 makes transparent who sold the most (read: had the most downloads) the past thirty days.
By showing up in this Top 10, some of our producers by now even founded their own music company.
You can read more about this here

6. Also we offer our HoT-picks feature.
Through HoT picks you can appear on the front page of one of the genres selected by House of Tracks.
By appearing on one of those cover pages, you get noticed more and this specific feature helped several producers to become top sellers.
You can read more about this here

7. House of Tracks seriously helps you to build your producing career.
"Increase your professional status through acquiring one or more of our HoT awards.
Also we provide the option to become a member of the Loyalty Reward Scheme."

That selling via House of Tracks works, is clear.
For example, one of our HoT talents sold a track to a huge game company and knows that millions of people around the world listen to it every day while playing their favorite game.
The producer in question gave up his job in the supermarket – producing good music appears to be much more lucrative and honorable.
You can read more about this here.

8. We provide a wide range of Tips & Tricks for our producers.
You can read all of them here

9. Ghost producing is in fact a coproduction
"It’s common knowledge that two heads are better than one.
From that perspective, making a track successful is up to the composer (the seller) as well as the user (buyer).
One needs the other and you both profit!
Consider the whole process as a coproduction - even though you never spoke or met." 

House of Tracks unites the both of you.

10. We offer a complete preview of all tracks on House of Tracks.