Why are some tracks more expensive than others?

Published to Customer Questions on Nov 12, 2015

On a regular basis House of Tracks answers customer questions to help buyers and sellers on their way.
 One of them is: why are some tracks more expensive than others?
 This week the answer.

Good producers deserve to be payed well, is our philosophy.
Therefore the answer to the above question is simple: a well selling top-HoT-producer can make more money with each one of his or her tracks.

High quality

For us it is important that you understand that we, at House of Tracks, promote quality as our standard.
And we are willing to pay for that quality.
For starters everybody can ask €299 up till €499 for each track.
You decide what price you ask!
Also we increased your revenues: the more you sell, the higher your tracks will be priced.
After selling five tracks, you will go to another level and your tracks will be increased in price to €549, with a maximum of €999 (see Label Fee Schedule). 

Label Fee Schedule

After seven days every unsold track on House of Tracks is lowered in price, e.g. from €499 to €449.
This is only done once!
So after the next seven days, the price will not go down again.
Of course you’re always free to lower your prices anytime, but you can’t augment the prices yourself.
In our Label Fee Schedule you can read more about this and the percentages we use. 



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