Support system on House of Tracks

Support system on House of Tracks

Published to Info on Jul 11, 2017

House of Tracks keeps on expanding and improving their services.
We want to makes things easy for you!
Therefore, as of now, we have a new support system for everyone who has an account on our platform.
This way you can manage your account even more efficiently.

Since our start, our reputation has grown by word of mouth, and since the beginning we have been known to have great customer support.
But of course there's always room for improvement, hence our new support system with which you always get in touch with the right support person who's able to answer your question.

Best customer support on the net 

Of course a lot of your questions are already answered in our FAQ.
Also we have a large variety of blogs that might help you on your way.
In the future, instead of contacting Scott Scout or fill out the contact form, you can ask all of your questions regarding your account, artwork, purchased tracks, Paypal or technical issues with up- or downloading, directly in this system.

This way you can manage your account even more efficiently.
Our goal remains to provide the best service and customer support on the net.

Aside from this we already provide in several blogs on, for example, how to get noticed by your artwork and about the connection in between your artwork and the psychology of color.
In our Customer Questions we elaborate on several questions concerning the buyer of a track and about returning of exchanging a track or vocal


Personal relationship

Our support system works via ticket numbers that relate to a certain topic. Image

This way your conversations with House of Tracks will always follow their own special thread. 

This works more efficiently than the Facebook chats with Scott Scout. 

Via this new system we aim to respond even faster and more effective to any question you might have, than we already did.

Also, it allows our support staff to build an even more personal relationship with you, our esteemed clients. 

Maintaining a personal contact with you is very important to us.
Therefore we also have a monthly interview with one of them as well.

So, whether you are a ghost producer or a buyer, if you have an account with House of Tracks, you no longer need to use the contactform to ask your questions.
And instead of chatting with Scott Scout you can ask your questions right here, in our support system!

Contacting us is 100% secure! 



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