7 Reasons why you should buy your music at House of Tracks

8 Reasons why you should buy your music at House of Tracks

Published to Info on Jul 20, 2017

At House of Tracks we care for our clients. Below you will find 7 reasons why you should choose House of Tracks to buy your music. 


1. We have a huge database filled with original and unique tracks that, after purchase, you can apply as you see fit. If you would like to read more about this, click here.

2. We offer the best customer service and support system on the net. “In the future, instead of contacting Scott Scout or fill out the contact form, you can ask all of your questions regarding your account, artwork, purchased tracks, Paypal or technical issues with up- or downloading, directly in this system.” This way your conversations with House of Tracks will always follow their own special thread. You can read nore about this here

3. We offer easy and secure payment via Paypal. “Some of you prefer paying by credit card (e.g. Mastercard, Visa). Well, in that case you can also use Paypal” You can read more about this here

4. We offer unique voices via our new HoT vocalist service. ”Your dance music production can be taken to a whole new level with the perfect voice as the icing on the cake.” You can read more about this here

5. At House of Tracks, as a buyer, you can seize the day. "Every label is now free to put, at any moment, one track at a time on sale during 48 hours. Instead of paying € 275,- per track, during the 48-hour-sale you will pay a maximum of € 200,-. After 48 hours unsold tracks regain their original price." You can read more about this here. Click here for the sales page.

6. We always check if tracks are original. "We really check each uploaded track on its authenticity." We apply not one but several methods to check tracks on their originality. You can read more about this here.

7. We provide a wide range of Tips & Tricks for buyers of tracks. You can real all of them here

8. At House of Tracks you never have to wait to receive the whole package including Stems, Midi, tracks and trails. After signing the contract, you can immediately download these from out site.