House of Tracks: a true treasury of bass house ghost productions

A popular genre in electronic dance music is bass house. Some call this genre a mix in between house and dubstep. Are you constantly looking online to find that one gem bass house ghost production? Take a look in our ‘treasury’ of ghost productions, listen to the tracks and purchase the one that attracts your attention.

Being the world’s largest ghost producing platform, obviously House of Tracks provides in a wide variety of electronic dance music genres. One of those genres is bass house, that we integrated in September 2017. We noticed that there was more and more demand for the bass house genre, so we were glad to oblige. If you want to know what other genres we sell, you can check out House of Tracks.

Check these Bass House ghost produced HoTpicks

Selling and buying tracks is in fact a coproduction

As a client of House of Tracks you are always guaranteed of the best ghost productions. These days ghost producing has become a worldwide accepted part of the dance scene and is treated with respect. This is quite a difference from a few years ago when there was a lot of hypocrisy surrounding ghost producing. It became accepted that a DJ doesn’t have to be a producer by definition or the other way around. A good bass house ghost production is rather a coproduction. From that perspective, making a bass house track successful is up to the composer (the seller) as well as the user (buyer).

The perfect bass house production

Besides being interesting for DJs, bass house ghost productions have been discovered by advertising agencies, TV-producers and filmmakers. Imagine a producer of a TV-show is filming a club scene and needs an original ghost production. This producer can surely find the perfect bass house production on House of Tracks.

A treasury of bass house productions

Do the bass house sounds of Stulp Fiction, StadiumX, D-Wayne or John Vetter totally attract you and make your heart skip a beat every time you hear them? Let our platform House of Tracks surprise you with a large variety of ghost productions that are authentic and original. You are assured of finding that one gem, that one track, that suits your purpose perfectly. And when you have found it, you immediately have the option to purchase this track and secure it. You are only a few clicks away from using the track exactly as you please.  So, download the production, including all its trails.

Favorite bass house label

You can buy tracks for €299 to €499 and up. Whenever our producers have sold a specific number of tracks, the most successful ghost producers are allowed to raise their prices. From that perspective, it’s smart thinking of you, the buyer, to follow your favorite label. If you keep track of this label, you will always be the first to be notified when your favorite producers upload new ghost productions, because you will always receive an email-alert when they do. At House of Tracks we truly care for our clients. Want to know more about our services. Check out the blog ‘8 reasons why you should buy your music at House of Tracks’ . Besides blogs we offer a large number of Tips & Tricks for buyers and producers of bass house ghost productions .

Some of our bass house labels that you might want to follow are: ltwordSONDERand Kayama. Want to listen to all bass house tracks on House of Tracks immediately? Click here

Unique and authentic tracks

It’s important to realize that every track on House of Tracks is guaranteed unique and authentic. There are many ways to ensure this. House of Tracks uses fingerprinting techniques to make sure that all tracks are authentic. In the case of the fingerprinting technology we cooperate with DJ Monitor, the global pioneer and market leader in music identification and rights monitoring for events and clubs.

Any questions about ghost production or House of Tracks?

You might still have some questions after reading this article. Most of these questions will be answered in our Frequently Asked Questions. Also we offer a continuously expanding wealth of blogs as well as the earlier mentioned Tips & Tricks for producers and buyers. 

What is bass house?

Bass house is a little bit like future house but it contains more electro house and complextro elementen. There are more differences though. For example: the wubs. Bass house spreads a more dubstep feel. The deep bass wobbles. It’s a mix of the house vibes we have known since the nineties and a heavy bass. Bass house emerged in the mid 2010’s, when deep house became more and more popular. A typical bass house track blends 4x4 beats and synths as we generally find in house with bass wobbles and other synths. The tempo is generally 140 BPM. The drums in bass house are al more present than the known house drums. UK garage was a huge influence on the emerging of bass house.